Ramadan – No Bars Open? Let’s Enjoy a Movie! ‘Oh No You Don’t!’


I do wonder if the Islamists who read RRA have taken a policy decision to raise the Ramadan ante in reponse to my repeated protests at their kill-joy agenda.

Initially, we were voicing indignation, which many folks share, on irrational closure of night-spots like clubs, bars, dance-halls, across Indonesia, and the moronic bans on beer-sales in mini-marts.

But suddenly the ‘Dark Agers’ demands are escalating.

Having consoled ourselves for loss of drinking and dangdut opportunities with the thought that at least normal folks can still go into town and take in a movie, breaking news from Central Java dashes even that faint ray of hope.


Anggota FPI tutup bioskop di Pekalongan (Foto: Suryono/Sindo TV)
IslamoNazis Close Cinema in Pekalongan

Hundreds of FPI (‘Defenders of Islam’) forcibly closed the Borobudur Cinema on Jalan Sultan Agung, Pekalongan, Central Java  last night. When they arrived at the scene, speeches were made and an ultimatum presented by the mob in front of the cinema building, that the theater be closed during Ramadan, because the entertainment location is considered to be immoral.


May we know how the nazis know the cinema is home to immoral activity? Did they send in some lout scout, incognito, to prowl along the back rows, no doubt panting enviously if he saw some canoodling couples? It’s a very credible scenario.


The rabble then combed the adjacent mall and met the theatre manager, ensuring the cinema was closed.




They threatened, if reckless cinematic activity recurred, the masses could go further.


Cinema audiences are largely composed of young people, so in a sense this is good news, in that more and more of the younger generation will come to hate these self-righteous sectarian scum.

But meanwhile the older generation runs the town, and what sort of back-bone are they showing in the face of this lawless assault on harmless fun?

Before closing the cinema, an FPI convoy toured the city and the coast road, causing serious traffic problems. The mob showed up at Pekalongan City Government Office and met the Regional Secretary Pekalongan, Dwi Ari Putranto, to whom they presented a letter warning about Ramadan closing.

The action coordinator, Fathurahman, said We have several times given warnings about entertainment that violates the norm, but the local administration ignored us. This time we warned that the cinema is being closed.
Dwi Ari Putranto, said he would deliver the warning letter to the Mayor of Pekalongan. We have received this letter and it will be submitted to the mayor and City Council Pekalongan,” said Dwi.

So what about the cops? Shutting down a cinema is certainly not covered by even the most imbecilic Ramadan regulations so far heard of.


In Jakarta last year, I recall complaining that the film schedule was screwed up around 6pm, when ‘fast-breaking’ scenes of greed break out across town. However, nobody in their right mind imagined there might be no movies at all!


So police should have been right on top of the white-shirt hoodlums, dragged them off to jail and ensured the immediate re-opening of the theatre.




That didn’t happen. So maybe the cops weren’t aware of the criminal activity going on in their town?  Hardly.
The mob convoy proceeded to Pekalongan Police HQ where they conveyed the same letter to the police.

And if I’m not mistaken, there are a bunch of cops in that photograph!

How long will this country tolerate this evil Islamist intolerance?