Ketahuan, MUI! Islamist Intolerance in Once-Christian Ambon!

Hey, it’s a brilliant sunny morning here in Jakarta, and I just surfaced an hour or so ago, after a nice night out at a dark and atmospheric dangdut club.


uut_permatasari cantik in kebaya modern  Uut

Nita  Nita_Talia_


And as ever on Sunday morning, MNC TV channel has open-air dangdut to delight us – as I type the beautiful singers Uut Permatasari and Nita Thalia are belting out ‘Ketahuan,’ one of my fave songs.

Ketahuan means ‘Caught Out,’ and many dangdut lyrics concern ‘cheating hearts’ etc.being shown up in their true colours!

Which is relevant to the following. that the bigot ‘scholars’ of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) in Maluku have called on police to close nightlife during the ‘holy month’ of Ramadan.

  • MUI-Indonesia
  • All forms of activities that disturb fasting be disciplined by the police, such as localization, karaoke, and nightlife interfere with the value of worship in the month of fasting,” urged MUI Maluku’s Idrus Toekan

Okay, I hear you say, so what’s new? RRA has been posting news of more or less identical Islamist intolerance from all over Indonesia in the weeks running up to Ramadan, which begins tomorrow night.

  • ramadan-fasting-day
  • The difference is that Maluku, the Moluccas, was the scene of a ferocious civil conflict just over a decade ago, Islamist savages from the evil Laskar Jihad waging war on Christians, their ferocity egged on by irresponsible fanatics like Amien Rais of the National Mandate Party (PAN) 


PAN is no obscure extremist clique, but a member of the current ruling coalition, and Amien Rais served as Speaker of the House and ran for President at the time of the warfare. One of PAN’s recent coalition ministers was Patrialis Akbar, whose solution to jihadist thug trouble here was to have them sent to Israel to kill Jews!

  • Patrialis-Akbar-dalam Patrialis
  • Anyway, the Maluku Islands, the capital Ambon especially, had long been a stronghold of Christianity in the archipelago, until  the New Order period, when large numbers of transmigrants came from Java, Sumatera and Sulawesi to the Ambonese islands.

The proportion of Muslims and Christians in the population changed from Christian domination in the 1970s to Muslim domination in the 1990s.

This change was not only in terms of the overall population, but also increasingly paralleled the composition of the government bureaucracy in the central Moluccas….In Ambon city, Butonese, Buginese, Makassarese, and Javanese migrants changed a Christian majority situation to one where there was more of a balance between the Muslim and Christian populations.

Okay, a history lesson on Sunday morning – not what you need with your corn-flakes!

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Yeah, okay, but what’s your point, Ross?

My point being that while one expects – alas – the MUI and the IslamoNazi thug gangs like FPI to throw their weight about in areas where Muslims are a large majority, like West, East and Central Java, and indeed Jakarta, the situation in Ambon, Maluku is quite a different story.

Once Christian dominated, now ‘more balanced,‘ so the fanatics cannot invoke popular will, albeit misrepresented in sectarian terms, as justification for their Ramadan intolerance. But MUI’s Idrus insists on it, nevertheless.

  • idrus toekan MUI’s Idrus Toekan-

In addition, Idrus also asked the police to be able to keep the security situation favorable during Ramadan…He also appealed to all religious communities in Maluku to appreciate and respect each other so that religious tolerance is maintained and become an example for other residents in the area.

Good grief, this guy is for real?

Christians, perhaps no longer a majority thanks to the regime’s settler policy, but still near enough half the population, are to be denied any fun for a MONTH for no reason at all, save that Idrus’ flock want to fast?

How intolerant can you get?

Going out to karaoke nights, enjoying a drink or a dance, is perfectly accpetable behaviour that does NOT interfere with others who have no wish to do so.

Those among the Muslim population who wish to spend thirty days fasting and praying are perfecty at liberty to do so, and their rights should be respected, but so too should the rest of the citizens’ rights to engage in agreeable social life.

I wish the MUI would consider themselves free to GET a life!

We of Maluku has a high sense of mutual respect…” urged Idrus.

No you don’t, Idrus.

You have NO respect for anyone except your own narrow, bigoted, Islamist triumphalism. Your prattling about tolerance is ketahuan by your demands. And the fact that you need cop collaboration to impose your jihadist agenda.


  • maluku cop bintang julianta Commissioner Bintang
  • —————————————
  • Respond to requests from MUI, Ambon Island Police Commissioner  Bintang Julianta said they are currently planning to curb the number of places like karaoke, nightlife, and localization seen as disturbing activity in the fasting month of Ramadan. We’re planning it so that the implementation of fasting can be run in an orderly manner.”  /MUI.Maluku.Minta.Polisi.Tutup.Lokalisasi.Selama.Ramadhan

If you consider that none of the non-Muslims and a significant number of Musims too (not least the employees laid off, and their families) have no interest in a month-long shut-down, perhaps the cops might be better to ensure that NIGHTLIFE in Ambon can be run in an orderly manner!


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