IslamoNazi Raids Are HARAM – The Cops are LACKEYS! – Jakarta MP

Eva: FPI Sweeping Haram!

It’s midnight in Jakarta.
A voice of sanity is heard on the eve of Ramadan!
FPI raids drew criticism from Member of the House of Representatives
Commission III Eva Kusuma Sundari.
According to Eva, what FPI do is lawless.
Those entitled to conduct raids are law enforcement officers.
“FPI sweeping is haram! Police degrade themselves when their
duties are taken over. They (the police) become lackeys,”

Eva: Sweeping FPI Haram!


The DIP politician stressed that  law enforcement agencies alone are given authority to  regulate public safety.
Eva judged it weird when police were escorting FPI even when they were conducting raids.
Given it’s the the right of the police force only, so strange that they (the police) are asked to escort them,” she said.
As previously reported, some hundreds of FPI members
joined a convoy in the city of Depok before the month of Ramadan.
Action was orderly but changed when the masses spotted a number of stores selling liquor. Finally owners shut down. However, FPI had seized liquor bottles from the shops.
So theft again goes unpunished.
But Eva is magnificent!
Way-ta-go, Gal!
Almost alone among Indonesia’s law-makers, she does great credit to herself, her party (the PDI-P, ex- -President Megawati’s party) and to her country.
Indonesia needs thousands like her!