‘Lust and Fury’ During Ramadan!


  • Interesting report from Karawang Regency, in West Java, not far from Jakarta,where a few voices of reason are struggling to be heard, the proprietors of the local nightspots!
  • Indonesians love nightlife, and many of the nightspots are not by any means hangouts of the rich.
  • They include the sort of places I like, the dangdut clubs in Pasar Rumput or Belora, or one Manadonese music place near Sarinah, where I’m often the only non-local patron!


Places like that, and obviously the plusher joints too, provide employment for thousands of people, mostly Muslims, naturally, since 90 per cent of Indonesians are Muslim.

But that doesn’t stop bigots like the IslamoNazi FPI and the Islamic Students Association from doing all in their power to shut them down,


  • They’ve been demanding every such place in Karawang be closed throughout Ramadan, a totally unreasonable demand, that would mean a hungry time for the workers and their families, because the owners can’t or won’t pay regular wages if there’s no regular income and no regular work being done.
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  • FPI’s Karawang Gauleiter, Gamal Abdul Nasser, argues that the proprietors should accept shut-down but still cough up, though there’s no sign of the FPI, which has money to burn https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/right-on-ratna-activists-all-out-attack-on-islamonazis/ 
  • offering any help at all to workers laid off for thirty days in response to their shrilling.
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That’s Gamal, on the right, in white (surprisingly enough!)

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  • “We think the evening entertainment entrepreneurs have nothing to lose by closing places of business to respect the holy month…they have enjoyed all the benefits for 11 months,” said Gauleiter Gamal.
  • He offers not a word of explanation as to how depriving people of evenings out and workers of their income in some mysterious way ‘respects’ Ramadan.
  • But then none of these grisly gas-bags ever do. All they want is obeisance to their Islamist arrogance.
  • Gamal has submitted a letter to the Regional Leadership Council (Muspida) Karawang, more a revelation of his own hang-ups than a logical argument.…the places of night entertainment that smell of sin, karaoke places, bars, cafes and liquor…where there is prostitution either openly or in disguise…
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  • ramadan-fasting-day
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  • According to a member of the Islamic Students Association (HMI) Karawang, Rian Khikayatullah, the regents must have the courage to close all nightclubs during Ramadan.  “….nightlife scene is identical to disobedience. Therefore, their operating permit must first be frozen during Ramadan so that Muslim fasting can be maintained,” said Rian.
  • No idea what he’s studyng but it sure can’t be logic.
  • If Muslims are fasting they won’t have any interest in disobedience, nor the energy to enjoy it. If they prefer disobedience to fasting, up to them – it is a matter of self-discipline actually, not cowering before FPI boot-boys, or strident ‘students!’ 
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  • Chairman of IHRA Karawang, H. Diding Syarifudin, asserted that last year, karaoke nightclubs for the family were still allowed, open from 9pm to midnight, though discos were closed completely.
  • He hoped the leadership of Karawang would accept humanity into their policy to welcome Ramadan…the employees still have to earn a living…Their needs are similarly increased…” 
  • By which he presumably means the prices of everything go up, even basic foodstuffs, in Ramadan, as even I noticed on today’s trip to Carrefour supermarket.
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  • And further!
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  • silhouetee…also, the song arrangers at karaoke places will be instructed to dress modestly and not sexily. Thus, their presence would not invite the lust and fury of certain parties. http://www.pikiran-rakyat.com/node/241236
  • Lust and fury.
  • Those words are the words that many people, thanks to the FPI, and the HMI, and the MUI, tend to associate with what SHOULD be a time of dignified devotion, which, incidentally, I am more than happy to respect.
  • But respect is a TWO-WAY street..