Yahoo Classic Outlawed – A Lousy Concept of Customer Service!

First day of Ramadan, and I’m going without.


Not because of any religious feelings, but because some twits at Yahoo have coerced me into submitting to their rotten new system, the introduction of which was never put to customer consultation.

Yahoo Classic was good – most everyone who used it liked it.




Beginning the week of June 3, 2013, you will be prompted to switch to a new version of Yahoo!7 Mail, because older versions of Yahoo!7 Mail (including Mail Classic) are being discontinued…

And today?

Your current version of Yahoo!7 Mail is no longer supported so you must switch to the new Yahoo…

And they call this ‘customer service?’. Uppity geekoid gits!

The new format is visually displeasing, cumbersome and unwanted.

I have resisted it determinedly since I posted on the subject two years ago.  Now the arrogant swine refuse me access to my mail if I don’t give in.

Yahoo, the Al Capone of the internet!

So one more dissatisfied customer, Yahoo – well done!