Poor Little Luke – BRITISH Victim of Ramadan Intolerance!

Pity poor little Luke, a ten-year-old.

Here’s what his mum says.

‘Luke said to me he was told he wasn’t allowed to drink in class by his teacher. ‘The reason being, a child who is fasting had a headache and the teacher said it would be unfair if the other children drank in front of the pupil.


‘They normally have their bottles on their table but they were kept in a tray by the teacher. Luke was dehydrated when he got home and drunk three glasses of water straight away.’

It was also the hottest day of the year!

Remember two weeks ago I told you about Putri, the girl in my class when I was still working as a language teacher here? https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/06/26/all-month-long-ramadan-intolerance-repeated/

She’d come back from her lunch-break, finishing off her snack.

But as she walked through the school’s reception area, some pig-ignorant primitive growled at her. ‘There are people fasting.’

As if because that arrogant pig and some other ‘people’ were not eating or drinking, Putri shouldn’t either.

Well, that’s a story from here in Indonesia, ‘the world’s largest Muslim democracy,’ and while such obnoxious behaviour is not an everyday experience, most Indonesians being polite people, one might tend to expect a percentage of rude Islamists making their presence felt.

But Luke goes to school in Portsmouth, England.


And while the deputy head has denied that the Islamo-Grovel teacher was following school policy, there appears to be a major cover-up going on about the sectarian bullying of little Luke.

His truth is not in question, because his Mum got a ‘formal apology.’

The school said there was no ban on children from other religions having food and drink during Ramadan but refused to comment on this individual case. Portsmouth City Council, which runs the 300-pupil school, also declined to comment.

Now I hold strong opinions on lots of things, but I’d not contemplate forcing my personal point of view on children in my charge as a teacher.

Anyone who does, surely, should find a new job, unless they have parental approval  – and a teacher in an English prmary knows full well that Brit parents don’t want alien customs rammed down their kids’ throats, much less have their kids tormented by thirst.

Luke’s MP should demand an enquiry.

This teacher should named, shamed and fired.

A mean-spirited bully, kow-towing to Ramadan, she, or maybe he, could apply for pedagogical posts in the Arab world, or some pesantren here in Java, where that kind of disgraceful intolerance might be quite acceptable.