Old Scold Mama Dedeh -“Hair Extensions Are HARAM!”

Just heard one of the most tiresome old scolds in Indonesia telling anyone unlucky enough to be watching Global TV at 2pm today (which happily included my current guest!) that hair extensions are haram, forbidden by Islam, because hair is a gift from God!


  • Dedeh-Mamah-3dlm Mama Dedeh
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  • I rushed to join my guest on the sofa, who was laughing as hard as I was, and observed that perhaps Mama Dedeh was hiding her own hair for some haram reason, for she’s one of the local media’s baggies extraordinaire, even getting into commercials. I avoid any product she endorses!

What is it with these dogmatic Dark Agers about hair?

If girls can’t enhance their beautiful hair with harmless, pretty extensions, then logically other parts of the body – equally attractive, equally God-given, should go unenhanced with clothing?

The kill-joy ‘scholars’ of the MUI would have something to say about that, yeah?

If it’s a gift from God, those gals lucky enough to possess lovely locks should glory in their display, not shroud them under the sexist scarf-badge of second-class citizenship.