Lively Hustings Likely in West/North Jakarta!

Out on the town today – and again, tomorrow, to talk to some youngsters with lots of questions, and on Thursday, to go to yet another party – so the absence of some of my usual nightspot haunts is not getting me down as much as you might have thought!

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  • And going about Jakarta is always a learning experience. Already there are giant political posters splashed around, a prelude to Indonesia’s next parliamentary elections, scheduled for 2014.

So although I have no vote, I thought it wise to check back through the internet’s vast resources and see who might end up representing our area.


…the choices for residents of West and North Jakarta, as well as the Seribu Islands ( DKI III), will include


current House speaker Marzuki Alie from the Democratic Party, who suggested women in the House to be banned from wearing miniskirts to save them from sexual harassment;



al Khaththath


: and the secretary general of a hardline religious group Islamic Peoples Forum (FUI) Muhammad Al Khaththath, from the Crescent Star Party (PBB).


Will anybody rational vote for Marzuki?

And will even averagely irrational people contemplate voting for that blood-thirsty FUI/MUI/Hizbut Tahrir character?

But among the other candidates is Tantowi Yahya!

Remember him?

The Country Music star who was on the receiving end of outlandish Islamist abuse for leading his parliamentary delegation (without permission, of course!) to Tel Aviv, daring to listen to the views of Israeli legislators?


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  • He was accused of TREASON by one ranting IslamoNazi, whilst another fanatic said ”His statement  hurt the feelings of the people and Tantowi ought to be fired from the House and the Golkar Party!”

And who was it said that?

None other than the man who’ll be up against him in the next electionMuhammad Al Khaththath!

Check our search box for Al K’s ghastly record and be sure to drop in on any hustings meetings held in North/West Jakarta to which all candidates are invited!

Should be lively!