Space, the Final Frontier – A Ramadan Boon!

Going out for the day, as the sun is shining. If i don’t leave now, I’ll get caught in the rush-hour horror when I want to come home later.


Since some people have observed that my posts on Ramadan tend to focus on the negative aspects of the ‘holy month,’ I include a link today to a Jakarta Globe report which tells us that almost TEN MILLION residents will vacate the capital in the final week.

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Although nobody knows for sure how many people live here, that’s at least half the population.

It’s fair to say those who DON’t depart for places unknown delight in this phenomenon.




The traffic situation is transformed from nightmare to bliss.

Admittedly, public transport tends to be less in evidence too, with many personnel joining the exodus, which results from people’s wishes to enjoy family reunions in their distant home-towns.

But once aboard a motorised vehicle, zoom, you reach your destination super-fast.

And even for folk like me who enjoy walking around town, it acquires a small-town feeling.

Having said that, it should be noted that the population tends to increase even more after Ramadan.


76826_mudik_lebaran___stasiun_senen__jakarta Homeward bound!


The returnees bring along kampung cousins who think the streets of Jakarta are paved with gold!