Sexy Dangdut Star Won’t Go Baggie – Fears Amok IslamoNazis!

Zaskia Gotik, a rather cute entertainer and a Muslim, recently said she’d not become a bag-head just to celebrate Ramadan.If one adopted that eye-sore, it should be, she opined, not just for one month but for good (or ill, one might think!)

Which is internally consistent logic, however one feels about these things. Yet, alarming to contemplate such beauty perpetually obscured by a shariah shroud!

However, I saw her on a TV show only this week, and was delighted to observe she still looks like a normal, and very sexy, woman.

Turns out she has explained her stance on shariah shrouding to




She had asserted her interest in getting scarfed up. However, because of her work as a dangdut singer which demanded that she sway and dress sexily, Zaskia pleaded that she dare not do so.

If obliged to do so, Zaskia was afraid that later she’d be subject to amok-run by the FPI.

Wow, hijab? Yeah, how I work. singing like this and rocking… How do I try that if wearing a hijab? If I’m then over-run by FPI (Islamic Defenders Front), how about that?”  said Zaskia in Kuningan, South Jakarta, Wednesday (17/07/2013).

The girl has a point

  • zaskia-bebek-rindam-jaya-19697


Actually, she has a lot more than that, of which I attach photos for your delectation.


But if she did appear on stage doing all those sensual songs and shimmying like there’s no tomorrow, her head shrouded in true shariah second-class citizen style, it’s not impossible that some IslamoNazi scumbags might just try to make sure she has no tomorrow.

Thing is, it’s not just the scarf that matters to the likes of them, probably not the scarf at all. A scarfed lady strutting her dangdut stuff might well be more of a red rag to uptight Islamist sectarians than a lass dressed normally.

Because what these damned dogmatics lust after is acknowledgement by women that they are and deserve to be subject to different, harsher rules than men.

The very attributes, beauty, charm and style, that make them a joy of God’s creation, must be treated as undesirable, sequestered from public gaze, since they are anathema to Islamists.

Never mind, at least we get to see yummy Zaskia in all, or lots, of her glory!

And she has a head on her shoulders in more ways than one. She knows her sell-by date is not close but inevitable, and rather than keep shuffiling around stages when she”s a fat forty something, as many do, she aims to invest in  a minimarket, gas stations, restaurants etc.


Zaskia-Goyang-Bebek    Then she oddly adds, “As long as it’s halal.”


I guess she takes a pessimistic view of how Indonesia’s going.

And we can’t blame her for that!