Ayo, Sukorejo! Drive the IslamoNazi Scum Out!

According to Trans TV early morning news, one person has died after the FPI hoodlums provoked citizens of Sukorejo, Central Java, into community strife. The intruders started their Ramadan ‘sweeping’ nonsense but the people fought back
I have quickly checked the media online, and can see no trace of any invitation from locals for these white-shirt louts to descend on the small town, which I know quite well.
The people there are normal, friendly Javanese, and would hardly want anti-social FPI bigots in their midst.
The IslamoNazi scum who constitute the FPI (self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’) seem finally to have met their match in Sukorejo, when the people rose up to oppose the sectarian vermin’ s interference in their community.
Clashes between residents and FPI in Sukorejo, Kendal, have subsided. But the situation is still tense. Police and military are standing by.http://news.detik.com/read/2013/07/18/182555/2307378/10/bentrok-fpi-dan-warga-situasi-di-sukorejo-kendal-masih-mencekam
Why the hell are they standing by? 
Security forces are meant to be on the side of the citizenry, not acting like referees between the people and the gangsters!
Locals armed themselves with clubs and wooden sticks, while FPI members went to Sukorejo Mosque, in the area of the town square.
The police and army are on guard in the square. Hundreds of them,” said one resident to detik.com Thursday (18/07/2013).This resident said the situation was topsy turvy, only some IslamoNazis skulking in the mosque. The rest had fled when the clashes occurred.
“One FPI car was set on fire!” said another resident.
According to FPI, 20 members are now besieged by residents, having taken refuge in a musola. Currently, police are facilitating peace talks between the citizens and the FPI.===

So how come the police are not wading in and finishing off the ratbags, instead of ludicrously arranging ‘peace talks?’


Overall, this is extremely encouraging news, decent people taking up arms against their country’s enemy within.
The more FPI vehicles go up in smoke, the harder it is for these white-shirt IslamoNazi cowards to spread their poison.

But the Trans Tv report indicates Sukorejo has paid a price for their admirable stand, one person dead. That can ONLY be down to the white-shirt swine, who cause trouble wherever they go, desecrating the sanctity of Ramadan with their intolerant antics.

More on this tomorrow..
PS Full marks to the Jakarta post, but zero to the Jakarta Globe, The former is on the story, http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2013/07/18/kendal-residents-protest-fpi-sweeps.html
but the JG onits it completely from their online news.