Rudd Catches Up to RRA, Wants UN ‘Asylum’ Review



Good to see that the sound and practical policy we at RRA have long advocated, getting civilised countries out from under that ridiculous UN Convention that panders to ‘asylum’ parasites, is finally catching on among the Canberra in-crowd.




Rudd’s desperate flailing about ‘ war with Indonesia’ made him a laughibg stock from Tanjung Priok to Tasmania, so he clearly felt he had to come up with concrete and convincing ideas.

While he’sd not quite there yet, his latest words strongly suggest he’s groping his way towards our RRA policy of repudiating the UN Convention which Aussie judges have used to obstruct the will of both parliament and people.


I do think Abbott is ill-advised to take a partisan stance on Rudd’s revelation – a wise course would be to offer immediate support for Oz withdrawal from any supranational compact that ties Aussie hands.

=============================Opposition Leader Tony Abbott

We’ll do a full report on this tomorrow.