And Some Say I Use ‘Ad Hominems’ Too Much?

Pierre Poilievre with Harper
After that lassie lashed out at my use of ‘ad hominem’ arguments (which I don’t accept – I do insult politicians,  but only to dramatise the issues, as is fairly obvious) I came across this from Canada, enough personal abuse to fill one of those tall Perth County silos.

There’s one new cabinet minister, however, that’s not getting the same welcome.

Some call him ‘Pipsqueak’, others call him ‘Skippy’ — his real name is Pierre Poilievre and he’s Canada’s new Minister of State for Democratic Reform…

Here is Sun News columnist and Liberal insider Warren Kinsella’s take on Poilievre:

Pipsqueak, who Harper actually named minister of state for democratic reform, is in fact one of the most despicable, loathsome politicians to ever grace the national stage. He is a pestilence made flesh.

WOW! That line in vitriol makes me feel very mild-mannered in my criticisms of the ‘great and good!’ So what’s the man done to deserve it?

Pipsqueak is the Conservative MP who famously joked about “tar babies” in the House of Commons, a derogatory term to describe blacks. He is the MP who attacked Harper for compensating aboriginal residential schools victims, opining that what those lazy natives needed was “hard work.” He is the MP who told his fellow MPs “f— you guys,” and then later said he would “confiscate” the tape… occasion.


A bit rude, that last exhortation from Pierre, but Kinsella must be a real uptight PC type, to get upset about the advice to Red Indians to try hard work. I mean ‘politically correct,’ not the usual Canadian meaning of PC, Progressive Conservative.

What’s wrong with telling people who have lived on state hand-outs for a long time to get off them?