IslamoNazis V Freedom-Fighters? – Some Chicken, Some Neck!

As the row over the deadly riot in Sukorejo rumbles on  the IslamoNazi hoodlums of the FPI once again demonstrated their bigotry by smearing the small Java town’s freedom fighters as ‘thugs.’

Hard to credit what we read, but that’s their yarn, a fairly imaginative spin to try when the riot erupted entirely because a mob of white-shirt louts from outside Sukorejo’s area invaded the peaceful community wth the sole intent of vigilante intrusion on local affairs.

As mentioned yesterday, I’ve been to Sukorejo more than once, and liked it, hence my personal indignation.

  • chicken-statue
  • It’s a farming area, up there, and they have a statue of a chicken in their town square, but as the good pople proved this week, they’re not chicken when a rabble of Islamist gangsters threaten them. reports that the brazen sectarians are planning to report the citizens to the police for defending their town!

“Our friends on arriving were confronted by thugs,which led to the burning of the car,” said FPI Deputy Secretary Masyhuri Awit.


  • anfpi2
  • Awit explained that FPI Temanggung had requested entertainment and liquor sellers to cease their activities during Ramadan.

But Temanggung is not Sukorejo, it’s a wholly different and quite distant place, so why were Temanggung Islamonazis sticking their bigot beaks into Sukorejo’s affairs?

And ‘requests’ from these bigot bullies are not normally prefaced with a ‘please’ but with a fist or wooden club. FPI are notorious – violent vandals, thieves and thugs.

And it’s not over, mark my words. These swine are confident of police protection, and are planning another trouble-making expedition, I’ll bet.

“Our Temanggung FPI friends want to report it to the Police. As news has spread, FPI members from all over Central Java are be moving in to confer in Temanggung.”

However, the hopeful news is that if those brave Javanese have to fight, they will not fight alone. GP Ansor, the youth wing of the NU, has pledged to join in on the good guy side if the ratbags return for an action re-play. headlines their report today with the message that Gerakan Pemuda Ansor Kendal is ready to support the citizens of Sukorejo if the FPI return to attack them. (Kendal is the wider local government area, the regency,  in which the town is situated)

GP Ansor’s local chairman, Wahidin Said, wants to restore ‘conducive conditions,’ but says the cops must not only keep hold of the three nazis already arrested, but also get after those behind the trouble. Police must keep their word to outlaw sweeping…