ArchBigot’s Party Says ‘Go Easy On IslamoNazis!’

surya Suryadhamra Ali


Last week saw riotous scenes in Sukorejo, where a woman died and cars were wrecked, thanks to the invasion of the small Central Java town by IslamoNazi thugs. Decent Indonesians of all creeds and political affiliations have been declaring their anger and revulsion at the FPI. 

What a contrast, however, is the response from the PPP (United Development Party) of Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali, aka the ArchBigot of Jakarta.

The PPP rushed to stick up for the sectarian gangster group that calls itself the ‘Defenders of Islam!’

Exactly what they were defending by their invasion of Sukorejo against the wishes of the citizenry I can’t quite figure, but their popular appeal there was evidenced perfectly when they couldn’t get out of town without a police escort!

However, Hasrul Azwar, PPP’s Parliamentary chairman, reckons that the mayhem in Sukorejo was not the fault of the FPI but of police who allow gambling and prostitution during Ramadan.

  • HASRUL-AZWAR-MM-240x300 Hasrul


Fascinating insight into the Islamist mind-set.

Here’s an ostensibly most devout fellow who thinks the cops should not allow gambling and prostitution during Ramadan. What about the rest of the year? Are these phenomena only problems if they occur in his ‘holy month?’ How sectarian can you get?

“So don’t just look at what happened, look at the background,” said Hasrul.
We regret this incident, but we hope there is persistence by the authorities to eradicate the ills of society,” he said.




The authorities would be cheered to the echo if they eradicated IslamoNazi bigot bullying, but Hasrul clearly regards that as a lesser ill than a few slappers plying their ancient trade and some men having a bet after their daily toil.

Sorry, I go too far. FPI activity is not a lesser ill, it’s not an ill at all!.

When asked about whether the FPI should get penalized due to their vigilantism, Hasrul said that was up to law enforcement authorities and the Ministry of the Interior…

Okay, that’s true, but then Hasrul shows his party’s true colours

…but he cautioned that officials do not rashly sanction the FPI.


These white-shirt louts have been conducting non-stop violent harassment and vandalism across Indonesia, not least recently when they’ve used their ‘holy month’ as an excuse for wanton criminality. What’s ‘rash’ about punishing the swine?

Kompas helpfully recounts what actually happened, and apart from the sad death of an innocent woman, it’s quite refreshing to read of these SOBs getting a taste of their own medicine.

In addition to the death in the clash, at least one FPI car was burnt, three FPI cars were wrecked by the crowd….It seems this was not the first intrusion by white-shirt hoodlums in Sukorejo and locals were upset over the FPI members conducting sweeping in their area. FPI action in Sukorejo offended people because it’s considered vigilantism, especially since the members of the FPI were not local residents.


But is it fair to use Hasrul’s outburst as a stick to beat the ArchBigot?

 Yes, it is, because only a week or so ago, Suryadharma Ali himself was singing the IslamoNazis’ praises, saying they had much improved. Yeah, the witch-hunter general actually praised the hoodlum gang!

He said that the FPI is now better than ever. He said he appreciated the positive changes taking place in the FPI.


And since we’re speaking of witch-hunters…


Only last month Ali was up there in West Java, not as a private citizen, not even as a mosque apparatchik, but in his full Ministerial capacity, openly gloating over a handful of Ahmadiyah who, for whatever reasons, had been ‘converted’ to Ali’s Sunni brand of Islam.

Mind you, he wouldn’t use that phrase, because he thinks ANY other sort of Islam is ‘heretical.’ Yes,here he is  – Suryadharma Ali!  The Jakarta Post 27/1 gave him full coverage.


Ali based his accusations on 1980s statements by the Nadhlatul Ulema, the largest Muslim organisation, and the MUI.

But the NU quickly disowned his outburst. Their Malik Mahdani ‘regretted’ the Ministerial statement, ‘saying that it had been unwise to use the word ‘heresy.’We must be careful not to use the word, because it could provoke anarchic actions towards Shiite communities nationwaide.’

Another major player, Muhammadiyah, also took a dim view. “Chairman Din Sansyuddin said ‘Suryadharma’s statement was politically motivated,‘ and ‘reflected his poor understanding of history of Islamic civilisation.’


Now for a quick retrospect on the West Java jolly.

????????????????????????????? reported that the mosque at Manis Lor, West Java, was more crowded than usual. Why? Freebies galore? Well, yes, in a sense, but we’ll get to that.

The main attraction was the ‘conversion’ of some 11 Ahmadis to the state recognised version of Islam. These poor people attracted thousands of visitors to the mosque. 

And that wasn’t all! Their abandonment of their faith was special because it was pronounced in the presence of Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali….


surya Ali

=========…who makes no secret that he’d like the entire Ahmadi community to disappear!

Also present were Director General of Islamic Guidance Prof Abdul Djamil, Acting Head of Research and Training, Ministry of Religious Affairs Prof. Machasin…

That Machasin is a piece of work – we posted on him again some time back.

…West Java Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs M Saeroji, Director of Diniyah education and Boarding School Ace Syaifuddin, and Director of the Islamic Information Minidtry of Religion Euis Sri Mulyani.

Wow, what a line-up! Indonesia is formally a pluralist state, so how come all these ministerial and administrative high-ups were hovering like bigot buzzards as a handful of humble folk committed apostasy?

No blame should be attached to the 11 Ahmadis.

God knows (literally) what brought them to this public self-abasement, whereby they repudiated a creed by which they’d lived for years.

Maybe they genuinely woke up one morning and thought it was time for a change..



…or maybe the constant persecution of their minority community had something to do with it.


But never let it be said there’s no stick without a carrot, even among Islamist fanatics like Suryadharma Ali.

Aware that the former Ahmadiyah also need a lifeline, the Minister will also provide assistance.




For Kuningan regency MUI. will give stimulant funds of Rp 50 million. For Taslimah community, I help with Rp 40 million. Then the children will be given a scholarship to college level, definitely,” said Suryadharma Ali.

Despite these handsome handouts from tax-payers’ money  (including, presumably, Ahmadi and other persecuted minority tax-payers!) Kuningan Regent Aang Hamid Suganda explained that in the region, there are about 3,700 Ahmadis who live in the village of Manis Lor. Until now, only 72 people have ‘converted’ but “we still continue to coordinate with local Islamic organizations in order to establish guidance and supervision…” *


Like I said – Fairness and Impartiality!
And so to, which, like many other local media, recorded his latest words about his party, the PPP, the United Development Party, a relic of the old Suharto Era, when the dictator ordered its construction to facilitate his rule.

Chairman of the United Development Party (PPP) Suryadharma Ali said his party wants to embrace all Muslims in Indonesia.

Oya? Even ‘heretical’ Shia?

He called PPP a great home for Muslims. He also wished all Muslims to “come home” to the PPP.
This is our home. Muslim Mansion!”

The ranter was speaking at a gathering of PPP candidates in Jakarta on Wednesday, which reminded me that the notorious IslamoNazi thug Munarman was recruited as a PPP candidate (he later dropped out)


munarman1 Munarman – in hat


Ali emitted not a whisper of dismay that a sometime jailbird and unrepentant lout was joining his ranks. 

But though evidently unfussed by the prospect of IslamoNazi comrades, Ali remained constant in his sectarianism –  in his speech, called Surya Ahmadiyah group that not only can join the PPP “Anyone can enter PPP, except Ahmadis,” said the Minister of Religion.