‘Asylum’ Ingrates’ Arson – Oz Tax-Payers’ Pick Up $55M Tab

Unbelievable scenes in Nauru, AUD 55 MILLION up in smoke, 125 violent arsonists in custody (pity they weren’t shot down like the contemptible ingrate curs they are) and who’s gonna pick up the tab?



Not that creep Ian Rintoul and his fellow pinkos in the Refugee Action Coalition, that’s for sure, except insofar as they pay taxes.

The vast majority of decent Australians, who have no time for Rintoul’s ravings, will be required to pay through the nose for the undesirable aliens’ weekend of evil-doing. 


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But how come Rintoul the Ratbag can tell the media that this shameful criminal activity had been planned throughout last week? Did he know about the vermin’s diabolical designs? Was he in on the planning, or did some swine tip him off as to what was afoot? He sure seems well-informed. “The Friday night protest was planned to be a breakout and march to the airport then back to the detention center.”


Either way his role should be investigated by the police. One assumes that failing to notify the authorities of a crime you know is being planned is itself a criminal offence in Australian law.

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His brazen grand-standing as apologist for the ‘asylum’ parasites just gets worse when we read his demand that asylum seekers could no longer to adequately cared for at Nauru because of the fire and should be brought to Australia.

Sod them, and sod him.

Apart from the sheer amorality of proposing that the hoodlums get their way  – rewarded for their orgy of criminal damage – does he not realise what patriotic Australians can see right away.

Any concessions in the face of violence, vandalism and arson in this instance will inevitably incite other scumbags in other detention centres to stage action replays, to reap similar rewards?

Frankly, they deserve not concessions but ferocious sanctions.

Rudd should take a leaf out of the Nauruan book –  up to 1,000 local Nauruan men carrying machetes and steel pipes arrived to help police prevent the asylum seekers from breaking out.

That’s the stuff!  Guards must henceforth be properly armed with orders to open fire after a warning volley. Had that been the case last week, there’d have been no riotous arson, or else there’d be a hundred or so fewer ingrate swine in the world today.


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  • Some comments on RRA suggest Rudd’s PNG initiative is not to be trusted. He could prove his bona fides by ordering the immediate deportation of those thugs in custody, back to where they came from – most of the protesters were Iranian, Palestinian, Lebanese and Iraqis  – where their rock-throwing skills are in high demand.


Note – my link is to a Maltese paper, and I’ll bet the Maltese people are taking careful note of the sort of garbage that floods in when you don’t block access.

One likes to think that governments in all countries will soon authorise their citizens to show the same public spirit as those Nauru guys who showed up mob-handed and suitably equipped!