Primitive Savages – Monday Edition – France

France is under renewed attack by her enemies within. Islamist ingrates have once more flaunted their disloyalty by running amok in French streets.


Instead of liberte, egalite, fraternite, the motto which binds their host nation in common allegiance, these undesirable aliens adhere to shariah.  Some of them were born in barbaric lands overseas, some in France, but still obdurate in their refusal to live like civilised folk.

  • burka
  • Apparently the spark for the latest Islamist insurrection came when some bag-head bint was ticketed by police for flouting the law of the land, and her master (sorry, husband) tried to strangle the ticketing officer!
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  • This mayhem comes hard on the heels of the EUSSR’s ‘Parliament’ giving the green light to an ambitious puke prosecutor in Lyons to put Marine Le Pen MEP on trial.
  • Why?
  • Free speech is outlawed in France, so she’s got to be tried for her irrefutable observation that the way flocks of aliens arrogantly seize streets in Paris and other French cities, and deny real French people access thereto, is comparable to the German Nazis’ strutting arrogance during the WW2 Occupation.
  • ——————-
  • And no nonsense, please, about how they only want to pray.
  • Muslims, like the rest of us, can pray anywhere.
  • My nice Muslim colleague in London used to pray in the staff room, and when I once chanced upon his preparations and offered to leave him in peace, he told me no need.
  • What’s happening in France is sheer Islamist triumphalism.
  • ———–
  • Marine_Le_Pen_481910683_0aa38c1c25_o_d   Marine, who looks like a real woman, faces a huge fine, or possibly imprisonment, while the pathetic bag-head mentioned above will at worst face a piffling little fine.
  • Where’s the egalite in that? Or indeed, that basic liberte, freedom of speech?

Primitives have no place in a civilised country.

The gendarmerie should be reinforced with special forces marksmen and ordered to give the rabble a choice – surrender and get flown to a backward swamp of their choice, say Iran or somewhere closer to their original dens in North Africa…OR ELSE!