West Java? Non-Muslim? Hungry? Tough Luck, Mate!

Disgusting intolerance on display, as usual, in West Java, a cauldron of backward Islamist bigotry, where the Police have sunk to the level of mere enforcers for the fanatic ‘scholars’ of the MUI.

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Operation Godin (‘Open By Day”) involves personnel from Sukabum City Police, Headquarters Military District Command (Makodim), Sub Military Police Detachment (Sub Denpom) and Sukabumi Municipal Police units (SatPol PP) 

393a3-yorkregioonalpoliceprotest Non-Muslim? Hungry? Thirsty? Tough!

They went to a number of night spots (THM), eateries, restaurants or rice stalls  open during daylight hours during Ramadan. Joint patrols this time, as it’s been indicated that the places’ activity is interfering with activities of  Muslim worship.

HOW are they interfering? As usal, no explanation. Except that Muslims fed up with fasting can exercise their civil right to do as they please, perhaps.


But not in Sukabumi!

Ignoring those unusual nightspots open during daylight hours, let’s just contemplate the Christian and other minority citizens up there in Sukabumi, shop assistants, clerks, day-labourers, whatever.

Come lunchtime, they just might feel peckish. And it’s hot, so they might like an iced tea or two.

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  • Forget it!

Because some people, in the august view of those benighted MUI ‘scholars’ and their tax-paid goon squad, may be torn from their fasting fervour by the sight of a non-Muslim slaking his thirst on a hot day, or even a slack Muslim spooning some fried rice into his mouth, NOBODY gets to eat or drink.

The MUI sure have little faith in their flock’s fidelity to fasting!

This nauseating Islamist iniquity is only to be expected from ‘scholars’ ignorant of the very concept of tolerance, but the cops?!?!

  • Hari_Santoso
  • “It’s a joint team to maintain the sanctity of Ramadan. Operation time was more focused on entertainment activities, eateries, restos and the like that can lead to citizens breaking the fast during the day,” said Chief of Police Commissioner Hari Santoso.http://www.pikiran-rakyat.com/node/243960
  • Does Hari Santoso have NO sense of his duty to ‘protect and serve’ in respect of mere infidels? 

The sad thing is, I rather suspect he hasn’t.


Oh, yeah, sure, the religious minorities can acquiesce in this prejudiced policing and bring packed lunches to work – and hide behind a tree to eat them? Remember Putri? https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/poor-little-luke-british-victim-of-ramadan-intolerance/