Obama’s Ignorance! Or Is He Paying His Debts?

Stop The Obama-Nation of America


So once more, Obama, who claims he was born an American, betrays his utter ignorance of American history – he told Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang that ”he fact that Ho Chi Minh was actually inspired by the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the words of Thomas Jefferson.” (Fox News, July 25, 2013) 

That’s so pathetic as to be risible, given what everybody knows about that South East Asian Hitler.

Jefferson, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were ALL about governments representative of, and responsible to, their people. Ho Chi Minh was from his earliest days utterly opposed to any trace of democracy, and never once dared test his evil marxism at any ballot box.




We often hear the foes of freedom claim that if there had been an election in the 1950s, his party would have won. But that propaganda falls flat in the face of the fact that, whichever part of Vietnam, first North, then South, fell under his control, the first casualty was democratic choice.

He was a tyrant, and thousands of patriotic Vietnamese died along with their American (and Australian and Korean) allies resisting his aggression, in what Ronald Reagan rightly characterised as a ‘noble cause.’




Despite those allies’ victory in the Tet Offensive, that Vietnam War was lost, thanks in no small part to the treachery of US media subversives like Walter Cronkite and the rest, and the rotten pampered brats in colleges who would not serve the country that had given them so much.

Obama’s political sponsors, William Ayers and the like, even took up arms against America, giving aid and comfort to Ho’s monstrous regime in Hanoi.

Obama’s nonsense nattering about Jefferson, one assumes, is just part-payment of the political debt he owes the domestic terorist who launched his congressional career.


AlgerHiss Hiss the Traitor


And a timely article in PJ Media reminds us of even earlier treaon,  again in high places, and once again given sickening support from the groves of academe and the sewers of the media, notably by swine like Walter Lippmann.

“Even if Hiss himself were to confess his guilt, I wouldn’t believe it,” a Columbia professor once told Sydney Hook….“I know Alger Hiss,” syndicated columnist and author Walter Lippmann said in 1949. “He couldn’t be guilty of treason….”

Lippmann, revered by Journalism professors, has a building named after him at Harvard and once served on one of its oversight boards. A consistent theme of his was that educated elites must lead befuddled masses because the former had more information and insight than the latter. http://www.academia.org/alger-hisss-teachable-moments/

treason  The fate that should have claimed Hiss


That has always been the marxist argument for a dictatorship of the proletariat, The enemies within never weary.