Gettin’ Better All The Time! ‘Asylum’ – Australia Acts!

After so many posts here on the need to crack down on illegal ‘asylum’ aliens, it’s truly refreshing to watch as Australian politicians offer ever more positive policies on how to curb crimmigration.


The bottom? That’s where the Greens will be when the votes are counted, and that’s what Milne is talking out of!



  • It is clear that Rudd has no real principles at all and is only acting under pressure from an angry eletorate, fed up to the back teeth with the boat bludgers’ crass ingratitude, the arson and violence they repeatedly display as examples of the contribution they bring to the Australian way of life.


Asylum-seekers riot in Australia


But Rudd’s gone too far down the reality road to retreat, surely. And to give credit where credit is due, he did pick up on a key theme we at RRA have hammered for ages, the urgent necessity to disentangle Canberra from that crazy  UN Convention, which has empowered rogue judges to thwart democracy.




Now we have Abbott proposing a tent city!

Rather than waste more money from the Oz public purse on more substantial accommodations, which the bludgers would, sooner or later, in one of their regular recrudescences of savagery, destroy, tents are not such a bad idea.


But there’s still a ways to go.


I spotted a Yahoo poll showing the asylum policies of the two rivals are tied in popularity. a 50/50 split.


Who’s going to make the move that would clinch electoral victory?


A call to deport en masse the alien ‘asylum’ rabble already on Australian soil, their snouts dug deep in public welfare, now THAT would really offer the voters a choice, not an echo.

Will Abbott have the guts to go for it?   .