Hey, UK! Don’t Abhor Romanians – Roma Rogues Are The Problem!

I saw in The Sun last month that London’s Metropolitan Police are now on garbage disposal duties, handing out free tickets home to a bunch of good-for-nothing ‘Romanians’ who ‘dossed down’ on Park Lane in London’s once rather classy West End.

http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/5023671/cops-round-up-romanian-beggars-and-give-out-free-flights-home.html (the link shows excellent photographic evidence of what kind of aliens the UK does NOT need slithering in)


romanian flag Romanians Freed Their Land of Marxist Tyranny


For those of us acquainted with Romanians, and i am acquainted with several, and for those aware of East European history, in particular of the Romanian people’s heroic overthrow of Communism…..


mihai King Michael


…..for those of us who also hold King Michael in high regard for his brave struggle to resist the Red Terror that seized power in his country after WW2, it jars to see anti-social Roma being described as ‘Romanian.’

A better word would be …



Inaccurate descriptions feed unfair prejudice among Brits, who rightly fear the EUSSR’s plan to impose open-door access to welfare bums like those in Park Lane. You read and hear folk back in the Old Country saying they don’t want these ‘Romanians’ coming over.

Brits please note.

Romanians, real Romanians, decent Romanians, share your loathing of undesirables. As do most real French people.

But rely on the media to screw up the realities. Here’s the Daily Mail, which gave us a report last week full of facts which make it clear that France (or any country that allows Roma to enter its territory) needs its collective head examined.

For a German sensible socialist’s opinion, seehttps://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/03/03/utopia-even-german-left-wakes-up-to-roma-parasite-menace/

For Canada’s common-sense, and the clear co-relation between French crime figures and Roma infestation, see https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/09/17/eussr-backs-roma-against-french-brits-beware-youre-next/


Yet instead of drawing the obvious conclusions from the evidence in his own report, the Mail journo descends to asinine assertions, blaming the ‘racist’ French, comparing today’s public indignation against Roma crimmigrants to the despatch of WW2 Jews to concentration camps, and making invidious comparisons between French law and British.

…Hollande’s pugnacious interior minister, Manuel Valls (who is already known as the ‘Sarkozy of the Left’), stated openly that he wants to send tens of thousands more home, since the Roma ‘do not want to integrate’.

In Britain, where EU ‘open borders’ legislation is due to take effect in January — meaning Romanian and Bulgarians will be free to live and work in the UK, just as they currently are in France — such comments would raise eyebrows, and quite possibly risk prosecution.


Manuel Valls Minister Valls


So Monsieur Valls’ recognition of the blatantly obvious truth, that these undesirable aliens do not want to integrate, would ‘raise British eye-brows?’ Balderdash! If Britain’s decadent political elite woke up and echoed Valls, THAT would raise not eye-brows but thousands of British pint glasses, shouts of ‘cheers,’ in pubs around the realm.
But the Mail’s pinko scribbler, some geezer named Guy Adams, does get it right when, albeit with no hint of disapproval, he adds that the French Minister’s wise words would ‘quite possibly risk prosecution’ in the British Isles!
That is how far the UK has sunk, both in terms of free expression and of public-spirited patriotism, both sacrificed on the altar of PC cultural marxism.
Adams even suggests that the French politicians of all parties who show signs of speaking up for their own fellow-citizens against the depredations of barely civilised intruders are using inflammatory rhetoric to discuss immigrants.
The example he immediately offers is simply laughable. 
estrosi Mayor Christian Estrosi
Last month, Christian Estrosi, a UMP MP who is also the mayor of Nice, was threatened with prosecution for inciting racial hatred against the Roma by saying he ‘wanted cameras everywhere’ to monitor ‘these criminals.’
Good grief, how monstrous!
Did Mayor Estrosi suggest firing squads and gas chambers? No, worse still, he wants to introduce CAMERAS!
For pity’s sakes, Adams, get a grip. You are a capable reporter. Your coverage of the anti-social horrors inflicted by Roma on decent French folk (and tourists) in this article is splendid. So why ruin it with your own left-lib bias? It’s not as if it isn’t glaringly obvious to every reader.