Malaysia, Truly Arabia?!

The slogan used to promote Malaysia’s tourist trade has something of a hollow ring to it these days.

  • malaysia-truly-asia-300x271 Will it soon be more truly Arabia?

It’s well worth a read, not least because it rips away the mask of ‘moderation’ which Malaysia once claimed, with details of the bigoted legal rules that deny fair play to non-Muslims, the power of the iniquitous Syariah Court, and the infantile appeal by the Government against a high court ruling that Christians may use the word ‘Allah’ to refer to God Almighty..

But given that it’s Ramadan, what caught my attention is the way even school-kids from Christian, Hindu or Buddhist familes get the rough end of the sectarian stick.

A Malaysian parent uploaded a picture of school pupils having meals inside what looks like a changing room next to a toilet at a school in Selangor on July 22. The Facebook picture went viral with the suggestion that non-Muslim pupils were told to eat in the makeshift canteen during Ramadan so as not to offend Muslim pupils who fast.

Dear God – the little blighters must be very easily offended!

What the hell is ‘offensive’ about your class-mates having a snack.




That sectarian grudge vocabulary we here in Indonesia keep hearing from the local jihadist jerks.  They want everybody muzzled and hungry, thirsty and bored, or they’ll stamp their little feet and run amok.

  • thirsty1
  • We don’t stop anyone fasting, but they’ll stop us eating out.  We don’t object to them getting up in the middle of the night, but they’ll stop us enjoying a drink after midnight.

Plenty of Muslims here are not like that.

And one shouldn’t really blame those Malaysian fasting children. They get their uptight offendabilities from adults who instil backward thinking. Like the people here who shut down that cinema in Java, who stage violent raids, who won’t allow eateries to open up for needful non-Muslims.

I just wish those idiot adults would GROW BLOODY UP!