Peace? Ramadan Convoys “Often Taunt and Fight Each Other!”

The arrogant sectarian ‘scholars’ of the MUI have once more shown their utter disdain for the community by scolding cops who want to curb the anti-social Ramadan convoys that jam up Jakarta’s streets to mark the end of the ‘holy month.’




Despite Jakarta Police pointing out the reality of Islamist celebration, that the convoyers ‘often taunt and fight with each other,’ (what was that about the ‘religion of peace?’) the MUi are outraged that mobs hollering Allahu Akbar might be curbed by the constabulary.

The usual big-mouth culprit, MUI deputy secretary-general Tengku Zulkarnaen, explains in all seriousness that having the capital’s highways and byways clogged with howling hordes is recommended in Islam because they spread religious teachings.

You’d have to make this stuff up, anywhere else but MUI HQ!


tengku zulkarnain-mui- Tengku


Poor old Tengku is downright uptight at the police’s suggestion that Islamist yelling be confined to mosques.“The excuse they use to ban these takbiran convoys is no different than defying Islamic teachings,” he ranted

Funny, that. I thought the police were there to maintain law and order, regardless of religion, race or whatever excuse any creed might adduce to justify anti-social antics.

.“Their ban on this is an attempt to belittle Islam!”

The man makes an even bigger fool of himself with his comparison of New Year’s Eve. “It sounds as if the police are attempting to imprison Muslims, even though they allowed other believers to celebrate New Year’s eve,” he said.

OTHER believers?

Does Tengku truly imagine that Jakarta’s huge happy Hogmanay crowds comprised only religious minorities?

I personally know lots of Muslims who were out and about that night! Muslims do have different years to the rest of us, like Jews and Buddhists do, but everybody here uses the Western calendar system, dating from AD,  – it’s simply not any kind of sectarian issue!

  • 20120312Rikwanto-180212xx Rikwanto of Jakarta Police


I actually feel sorry for the Jakarta Police’s Rikwanto, who, readers will remember, went out of his way during the Lady Gaga controversy to say, as the offical voice of the capital’s police force, that ‘We are Muslims!’

It was a deplorable lapse, but now he’s hoist with his own petard. As a cop, he knows the score with these processions, and to his credit, he tells it like it is.

…there have been many takbiran-related accidents recorded in the past. “Some [participants] were hit [by vehicles] and some others fell from trucks or buses, Not to mention takbiran participants often taunt and fight with one another...We call on people to not parade on the streets. [We want people to participate in] takbiran in their neighborhoods,” Rikwanto said.

Frankly, I’d just let them get on with it.

I’ll try to find a bar that’s open, otherwise stay home. But having said that, if the police do try to curb their carry-on and that upsets Tengku and the other Islamist triumphalists,..well..