‘Asylum’ Thugs Amok in Greece – Kick Them OUT!

Just as Australians face sickening ingratitude from the ‘asylum’ parasites they house, Greeks too face barbarous conduct from their uninvited bludger guests.


It appears there are now something like a MILLION  immigrants in that cradle of civilisation whose total population is barely eleven million. A million too many, methinks.

I was reading through the Ulster media to see what happened in Castlederg at the weekend when what should I spot in the Belfast Telegraph but news of more amok-runs by illegal aliens. Ten of the blighters broke out of some place in Greece, Pakistanis and Afghans it seems.

Rewards should be posted for their recapture. A lot of decent Greeks are facing hard times these days, and part-time income as bounty hunters would not go amiss.

The scribbler who wrote the report insists on referring to undocumented migrants!


But rest assured we are talking abut the same sort of lawless queue-jumping scumbags who cost Aussie tax-payers over 50,000,000 dollars in one bout of mayhem last month – CRIMMIGRANTS!

The thuggery involved at least fifty of the parasites detained there. Ten guards were injured. Sadly, the riot cops only used tear gas to subdue the savages – it’s about time live ammunition was used on riotous rabble.

Migrants set fire to their beds and some of the containers where they live in protest over an extension of the maximum time they can spend at the camp from 12 to 18 months, after which time most of them are deported.


Heck, if they don’t like it, apply to go back to where savages belong – and that ain’t Greece, babe!



But the slanted reporting extends far beyond using euphemisms like undocumented when it should say criminal.

Just listen to this hogwash, which the anonymous journo writes about the Greek Government. It has also made integration of migrants difficult through a lengthy process of granting residency and the refusal to grant automatic citizenship to Greek-born children of migrants.  .http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/world-news/police-search-for-escaped-migrants-29489702.html

Who the HELL does this pen-pushing pinko think he is, saying the GREEKS make things difficult? It’s THEIR COUNTRY, creep!

The people who make anything DIFFICULT are the crimmigrants. Nobody asked them to transgress Greece’s borders!

Greeks don’t want those snouts in the shallow benefit trough.

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  • Illegal immigrants are ipso facto trouble-makers. They have NO right to ask for or get ANYTHING, except a boot on the backside as they get sent back to where they came from.

As for giving their brats Greek nationality just because the parents violated Greek frontiers prior to the brats’ birth…you must be joking!