Rudd Reneges on Referendum – ‘Gaystapo’ Looms Over Oz!

I see Kevin Rudd has now rounded off yet another U-turn, not just abandoning his opposition to ‘gay’ marriage but telling us that ‘millions’ want it and he’ll give it top priority if he wins Australia’s election next month.


Last time I visited Oz, most of the people I saw going about their business looked perfectly normal. Sexual aberration is the province of a tiny minority, there as everywhere.

But never mind, let’s note that Rudd’s previous suggestion of giving those ‘millions’ a vote in a referendum on the issue has quietly disappeared.


He insists it’s not a party issue, but only offers a ‘free vote’ for his MPs, thus dissing the electorate. No ‘free vote’ for them!

Any issue that is not party political should be put to the people separately from the election, which of course is ALL about the choice between party manifestoes.

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  • The ‘gays’ – the organised agitprop ‘gays’ that is; some who suffer from that affliction do not share the rabid ranting hate campaigns of their self-appointed ‘representatives’  – fear referenda like poison. ‘Twas one of their leaders, Rodney Croome, who warned Rudd off consulting the people.  A referendum was ‘divisive.’
  • Of course! Referenda, elections, are meant to reflect divisions in a community, clear choices on clear issues! 
  • Croome  – “It could potentially be deeply polarising, becoming a platform for fear-mongering against the gay and lesbian community…”
  • In other words, the gaystapo cat would get out of the bag, a nationwide debate on whether Australians want their free speech, civil liberties, common decencies and cultural traditions torn down by his ilk.
  • They have no more time for democratic practice than for individual liberty.
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  • Here’s another example, courtesy of NOM, from the USA,  of what happens when the gaystapo gets a grip on the levers of power

The latest case to emerge is in Grimes, Iowa. The Odgaards, husband and wife owners of Gortz Haus, were too honest to lie when a gay male couple showed up and tried to book their venue for their wedding ceremony. Mr. Odgaard asked if they were looking for a place for a gay wedding. When told “Yes” he said, “I can’t take your money and I don’t do things for free.”

“It’s not from an angry place,” Mrs. Odgaard told the press. It’s just that she is a Mennonite and she does not think it is right to personally facilitate a gay wedding. “That decision is based on our religious beliefs. We want to honor that. We want people to know that is our stand that comes from our faith, our convictions. I think we should just stand by that no matter what,” said Odgaard.

Lee Stafford, one half of the same-sex couple, is having none of that religious liberty talk: “The fact is he discriminated against us based on our sexual orientation. Iowa code says if you have a public accommodation, you can’t discriminate based on sexual orientation,” Lee told the press. Notice how he changed the subject from “What is marriage?” to homosexuality. But in fact, it was because Mr. Stafford and his partner wanted a “wedding” that the Odgaards turned him down.

When the story broke, the social media trolls ran with the story and the haters went after the Odgaards in a big way, sending them “hateful, hurtful and threatening” emails, Mrs. Odgaard reported.

That’s not the way people usually treat each other in Grimes. It’s not the way anyone should be treated.


One can only be sickened by the hate and persecution these ‘gays’ unleash against anyone who won’t knuckle under to their loathesome agenda. I give you the link to the NOM page and suggest that if you’re American, you help them out with their campaign fund.


And back to Canberra, where a brave parliamentary voice is heard for democracy.  John Madigan!




He’s a Democratic Labor Party Senator, and he puts the establishment Labor Party leadership to shame as he champions the common man and the values working folk want preserved as the bed-rock of their society.

“People I speak to on this issue are sick and tired of being told to feel guilt and shame…” So he spoke on declaring his proposed referendum bill.  “The bill I intend to introduce will finally give the Australian people the right to decide how our society is formed, which is what democracy is fundamentally about.”