” ‘Them’ Is An Offensive Word!” say Scots Gestapo

Now I’ve heard everything.

Just went out for a few hours in the wonderful sunshine, came back to change for tonight’s rendezvous, and look what I find!




The Scotsman reports that an hotelier in Dunbar has been told by police to take down a blackboard bar-sign that highlighted the forthcoming  Home International by using the words ‘Scotland V Them!’l

Hotel boss Cliff McArthur said: “The police arrived and the police officer said to me ‘Who’s them?’

“That was the first thing he said to me, I said, ‘I’m sorry what do you mean?’ He said, ‘who’s them?’ Again I said, ‘I’m really sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about’.”

Mr McArthur was then asked to accompany the officer down to the bar area. “I walked round the corner and one of the young bar lads had put up on the blackboard, ‘Wednesday night football – Scotland versus Them.’.”


When will this gestapo mentality –‘If one of my English colleagues had seen this you’d be in serious trouble.’ ” – among British cops be ended?

Not soon, I fear – they have reduced themselves to a kind of PC enforcer goon squad, and the denials by high-ups  – A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said the force had no record of any official visit from officers to the hotel. –  just don’t carry conviction.


The British Bobby was once universally admired for common-sense and fair play, but nowadays they waste their time arresting street-preachers who upset ‘gays’ by quoting the Bible, or hounding ‘Islamophobes,’ the trendy short-hand for patriots who object to Islamist disloyalty.

If Police Scotland have any wish to be taken seriously, they will identify, locate and dismiss the moron cop in Dunbar who had nothing better to do  – clearly there is no crime whatsoever there!.