GetUp? Grow Up! – What’s Wrong with Sex Appeal?

What motivates loud-mouthed libbers to parade their mean-spirited mentality at the drop of a hat?

I refer to something called GetUp, a spokeswhine for which rounded savagely on Tony Abbott when he said one of his lady candidates had ‘sex appeal.’


Tony Abbott sex appeal

Abbott is surely spot-on! She’s a cutie!


Is sex appeal no longer tolerable?

Should females cultivate style, qualities and demeanour calculated to make men want to throw up if in close proximity to them? If so, has that GetUpper succeeded in so doing? I’d guess she might!

Among dozens of comments, activist group GetUp tweeted “The 1950s called, and even they don’t want this kind of sexism back.”


Active in tweeting because nobody will ask them out for a date?


devil_smiley_face_ Just kidding – I throw in such asides to upset pinkos


But skip their own possible lack of appeal and look to their logical arguments…a needle in haystack sort of mission …

If the 1950s as an era were capable, as the GetUp grimnasties appear to imagine, of  ‘wanting’ anything, and they don’t want THIS kind of sexism back, exactly what kind of sexism WOULD they want?’

Something more in tune with left-libbery, like ‘gaiety’ or zoophilia? Lord knows. I honestly don’t know what they are getting their tweedy knickers in a twist for.




If Abbott had said something remotely crude or offensive, like complimented some gals on the size of their busts, yes, time to tone it down. That sort of chat is for the bar or disco ( you know, when the bar-man leans across to warn you sotto voce on some blowsy chick who’s just shimmied in, ‘watch out for her – she’s bad news’  – an admonition which generally stimulates enthusiastic interest in the said chick!)

Coarse comments in bars, however, are one thing – they do not belong on the hustings. But Abbott was being pleasant and polite, and was merely including the ‘sex appeal’ phrase among other laudatory words. like ‘feisty’ and ‘young.’

And sex appeal has always been part of politics.



JFK had immense appeal to women, not because of any aspect of his ideology but because he was sexier, so many women said, than Nixon. 

I once went along to hear the late Alan Clark MP speak at the House of Commons, and was impressed by his speech.


alan clark Alan Clark MP

—–, but the lady I was with said afterwards that she was impressed by his sexiness!

I must admit I hadn’t noticed! But that’s thw whole point – it’s a gift that obviously helps both male and female political careers.

Okay, GetUp is an insignificant uptight little gang….


…and Kevin Rudd’s peculiar views on sex make it unsurprising that he feels obliged to stamp his little foot – Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has savaged Opposition Leader Tony Abbott for praising the ”sex appeal” of a candidate,’ says The Age.

But check out the media’s – not just predictable slanted media like ABC but others too –  headlines on Google search, where time and again supposedly impartial journos headline their reports with the word GAFFEwhich is NOT a neutral word but deliberately pejorative. 



Media bias, as ever.


I found one rant from a ‘completely appalled’ Labor candidate named Deb O’Neill, which is at least coherent but makes no sense to me at all.

 “Mr Abbott’s comments follow a long pattern of ignorance towards the substantive role that women play in our community,…Belittling his own candidate as merely a sex symbol is completely unacceptable, and should not have a place in modern Australian politics…

  • Deborah_O'Neill Here’s Debs! She certainly looks like she does her best to maintain an attractive appearance! But NOT ‘sex appeal?’ Does she not like it if blokes fancy her?


The fact that Mr Abbott continues to hold such dated views about women, and continues to make these inappropriate comments, makes him totally unfit to be prime minister.”

In what way does one belittle any woman by saying that, in addition to (not instead of) any other qualities she may offer, she attracts the opposite sex?

In what way are beauty, charm, a foxy smile, a certain twinkle in the eye, inappropriate – or in any way UNdesirable aspects?

  • jupe Good morning, Jupe!


Not here on RRA!

I ask again. What’s wrong with sex appeal?

PS I checked out GetUp and their demand is to bring participation back into our democracy. So will they be harassing Rudd for abandoning his suggestion of a referendum on ‘gay’ marriage?

I doubt it. Participation, in the eyes of such ‘activists,’ is meant to be for ‘activists’ only, as a rule.