Russians? NOT Really! Chechens Invade Europe!

Just last week, I posted on an EUObserver report that ‘Russians’ now topped the list in terms of numbers of ‘asylum’-seekers.

My question was – are these thouands of illegals really Russian or are they perhaps from the same place as another’asylumer,’ the man accused of the Boston Marathon mass-murder.




Well, purely by chance, I came across Radio Free Europe’s site, which I don’t think I have ever visited before. It was in connection with another topic entirely which I may post on later, but here’s the shocker!


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Since January, some 20,000 asylum requests have been filed by Russian citizens — almost all Chechen — in Poland and Germany. Experts are mostly flummoxed by the influx, which already represents more than a twofold increase over all of 2012. Some point to a spreading rumor about German hospitality toward refugees as a potential cause.

If so, more fool the Germans, for dispensing largesse that encourages undesirable aliens.

But does Europe really need a huge influx from a land that may be technically part of the Russian Federation but has very recently been a shariah-freak nest of terrorism?  A very quick look at what has been happening there might offer food for thought.

After the collapse of communism, Chechenya made a briefly successful bid for independence, but two wars later, a Moscow-friendly regime is in power.

So the Islamist faction is very much on the run. Some of them have run to Syria, to join Obama’s terrorist allies fighting the Government there.  Reports say those Chechens have been implicated in atrocities.

It would be a leap to say that those who have left their homeland to seek ‘asylum’ in Europe are all linked to Islamist movements, but clearly, if the non-Islamists have the upper hand back home, it’s a case of any port in a storm for the bad guys, and not all of them will have headed for Syria!

(As an aside, be on the look-out for Obama and the EUSSR laying out a  welcome mat for Muslim Brotherhood malignants in Egypt – if the Egyptians keep up their common-sense campaign against THOSE very bad guys, they’ll be whining for ‘asylum’ too – and not the sort of asylum that would best accommodate demented ‘Jews are descended from dogs and apes’ lunatics like Morsi!)

If EUSSR checks are as lax as America’s, which let in that lot who ended up in Boston – and regardless of the verdict in the current case, there is no doubt at all that they are Islamists and thus unacceptable in any civilised country – there is surely a clear and present danger in allowing Chechens to fan out across Europe.

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Within Europe’s heartlands. there are already more than enough enemy aliens in London’s Tower Hamlets, Paris’s banlieues, Berlin’s Kreuzberg and The Hague’s Shariah Triangle (to name just a few enclaves of the jihadist Fifth Column!)

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Wake up! Send then back!