Top Islamist ‘Scholar’ – Oslo is in Sweden!

I see those self-styled ‘scholars’ of the MUI are dispensing their wisdom once again, fervent in their solidarity with the Muslim Brotherhood fanatics who are getting a bit of their own medicine in Egypt.
MUI-Indonesia the Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) who is also chairman of Muhammadiyah, Dr. Anwar Abbas, has sent an open letter to the Nobel Prize Center in Sweden, his purpose to seek revocation of the Nobel Prize awarded to Mohammed ElBaradei.
Because El Baradei is one of the main figures behind the overthrow of President Mursi…and due to that overthrow, there are in Egypt bloodshed and abuses against pro-democracy people….I am urging the Nobel Centre in Oslo, Sweden to revoke the prize…”
Oslo, Sweden?
Obviously not a ‘scholar’ of geography!
But ignorance is no excuse!
“Pro-Democracy People?”
Funny that, I thought it was the encampments of the Muslim Brotherhood we’re talking about, where MB savages perpetrated torture, rape and murder against anyone whose human rights they felt like violating.. Camps where the rule of law did not exist and Islamist outrages were an everyday occurrence.
However, we’ll look at that in another post.
Meanwhile we wait for the MUI,
an organisation which has never spoken out against the failure of the Indonesian courts to bring homicide charges against, let alone convict, the Islamist murderers guilty of the Cikeusik Pogrom right here in Indonesia. 
MUI chairman Amidhan stated earlier findings reinforced the indication that provocation by Ahmadis sparked the violence in Cikeusik.
an organisation shrill in its persecution of religious liberty in Sampang, right here in Indonesia.
…the Shia should be prohibited from developing in East Java. “I agree it be disbanded, because it can trigger events that interfere with the safety and comfort in East Java,” he said. [
an organisation one of whose leading lights (Al K, who runs the FUI but is also high in MUI) called for the killing of an innocent man in Sumatra merely because of theological differences, right here in Indonesia.
al Khaththath
“He deserves the death penalty, even if he decides to repent. What he has done cannot be tolerated”, FUI secretary general Muhammad al-Khaththath was quoted as saying by AFP on February 2. “It is important to prevent this group from spreading atheism in this country.”
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…yes, we’ll wait for the MUI to send a similar letter to those Nordic cretins who gave a similar Nobel Prize to Barack Obama, who’s beavering away to equip the Islamist murder gangs in Syria.