EUSSR Baroness Clasps Brotherhood Asp to Bosom!

That very unsuitable woman, Baroness Ashton, whose appointment was widely seen as proof of the law that people usually rise to at least one level beyond their abilities, has at least given us clear confirmation of the EUSSR’s simultaneously ham-fisted and one-sided approach to the crisis in Egypt.


  • The Ashton Woman

    The Ashton Woman

  • EU foreign relations chief Catherine Ashton made three statements as events unfolded.

The first one, issued by a spokesman at noon, called on all sides to show restraint.

The second one, a few hours later, urged “security forces to exercise utmost restraint” and told protesters to “avoid further provocations and escalation.”

The final statement, on Wednesday evening, called on the army to “exercise utmost restraint,” with no mention of the protesters’ role.

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  • A rake’s downward progress to succour the Muslim Brotherhood rabble.


Which seems to be the current fashion among Brussels apparatchiks.

In the same report in EUObserver, one is spellbound by the supercilious arrogance of  Bernardino Leon, the EUSSR’s special envoy, who blames the Egyptian Army for insubordination.

Did they disobey their officers?


MUCH worse insubordination that that – they wouldn’t comply with a deal the Brussels boy had concocted with Obama’s underling William Burns.

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  • Leon – Would YOU buy a used camel from this Bilderberg berk?
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  • The Army rejected a peace deal with the Muslim Brotherhood!

Good grief! How dare they!

Leon complained that he and Burns had “a political plan that was on the table, that had been accepted by the other side [the brotherhood] … They [the army] could have taken this option. So all that has happened today was unnecessary!”


  • neocolonialism
  • He’d have made a fine colonial governor – if only the natives did as they were told!

But with true EurocRat skills of omission Leon doesn’t bother to tell us what was in the deal.


  • nogo area
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  • If he’d been around Ulster in the 1970s, he’d probably have proposed some similar ‘political plan,‘ an ‘even-handed’ solution to the IRA’s ‘no-go’ areas, and would have blamed the British troops who restored the rule of law to that part of Londonderry, beyond the old gateway, long controlled by republican terrorist gangsters, for their unnecessary action!.
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  • Happily, Egypt’s current rulers seem to be better men than the Major/Blair  variety, whose IRA appeasement betrayed all the sacrifices the armed forces made.