“No Guarantees On Miss World’s Private Parts!” MUI

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Above, we see the beauty that exemplies Indonesian womanhood, Vania Larissa, Miss World Indonesia 2013.

In our headline, we see the bigotry of the self-styled ‘scholars’ of the MUI, a squalid obsession with sex that tends to turn the stomach, as if a shapely thigh, a hint of cleavage or – God forbid! – a glimpse of an actual female navel might affront any rational person!

Of course these dread aurat are not ‘private parts’ in the thinking of any normal male or female human being, simply a term conjured up by the mediaeval mentality endemic among Islamists.


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  • Hizbut Tahrir Horrors  – HTI have pledged ‘mass action’


Not normal Muslims!

Every day you can walk around the malls or into posh Kuningan’s business district blocks here in Jakarta and enjoy the sight of girls in short skirts, low-cut blouses too. Many, probably most of them, Muslim.

And while bare mid-riffs are not part of the ordinary office scene, take a trip to Bali’s beaches and Indonesian girls, plenty of them Muslim down from Jakarta, see no shame in looking like girls, bikinis galore.

All the more reprehensible then, that MNC, who are running the international beauty pageant next month, caved into the nasty narrow minds of sectarian ‘scholars’ and banned bikinis.

But there’s no satisfying the frothing fanatics of MUI.


MUI thinks the contest image remains attached to advance the genitalia.

Junaidi,_MA_ Junaidi
No one can guarantee there’s no display of genitalia.in Miss World,” Chairman of International Cooperation MUI Muhyidin Junaidi.http://www.tempo.co/read/news/2013/08/24/110506946/MUI-Yakin-Miss-World-Umbar-Aurat
That’s the Google Translate of his word aurat.
I make no apology for revisiting this issue, simply because it shows beyond all else, beyond all doubt, the way these kill-joy creeps don’t even speak the same lingo as the rest of us.
Aurat does not mean genitalia, although it certainly includes those essential body-parts. Even a sad old geezer like Junaidi knows full well there will be no actual genitalia to be seen next month.
But in his sexist, priggish little weltanschauung, real genitalia are bracketed as ‘forbidden fruit’ in company with bare shoulders, even knees, thighs and – aaargh! – bare mid-riffs!
bikini 1
But not if any of those interesting things belong to a man. None of his grimnasty gabbling concerns men’s bodies. Yes, he’d be aghast if we went about with genitalia exposed, but our knobbly knees and sweaty shoulders are no big deal, and our hair!?!
We are free to leave our hats at home!
Unlike women, whose appearance unscarved would knock the socks off your average MUI clown.
A repulsively sexist, discriminatory, iniquitous outlook, that poisons God’s glorious creation!
bum beauty
Okay, he’s welcome not to view the show, but how dare he tell us that the show must not go on. How dare this clique of benighted ‘scholars’ tell the Hindu island of Bali that they must buckle down, knuckle under, because Islamists don’t like to see too much of pretty ladies.
HUGE numbers of Indonesians will watch the televised contest – in the absence of a referendum, that’s the way to measure the proportion of the population who share my distaste for this old fanatic’s objectionable ranting.
Meantime, since no bikinis will be permitted in the contest, which begins on 4th September, thanks to uptight arrogant Islamist prejudice, I have included some photos of those splendid garments (including the gorgeous gals wearing them!) and sincerely hope the MUI tunes into RRA today for a dose of the real world we delight to live in.