Camelious Hump? IslamoNazis Prefer Posh US Jeep!

In view of Indonesian IslamoNazis’ predilection for wearing ridiculous Arab-style outfits, one might expect they’d adopt equally Arabesque modes of transport, but not so!

Far from it.

As seen and noted with wry amusement during the self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’ parade last week, FPI Fuhrer Habib Rizieq was borne past gob-smacked citizens in a rather natty white Rubicon Jeep!


Not only does this indicate that they’re not short of a bob or two million (and how do they get their money -see our post here – ) but it does make their rancid anti-American rants look pretty hypocritical.

For the Rubicon is of course a product of the most kaffir country in the world, the good ole US of A.


Konvoi  Jeep Mewah FPI Menuai Kritik di Twitter

Fuhrer Rizieq with storm-troop guards, last week.

—— tells us that perceptive people have taken to Twitter to pass judgement on the sectarian thug gang’s conduct.

  TEMPO.CO, Jakarta –  Islamic Defenders Front convoy on Sunday, August 25, 2013, got condemnation, this time not about troublemakers but because FPI were using the luxury Jeep Rubicon for their convoy. The public’s reaction poured through social media Twitter.


  • camel.04

Special American Import for You-Know-Who?

Suggestions included ‘hop on a camel, not a Rubicon,’ and that the Anti-Corruption Commission KPK have a look into FPI wealth!


The vehicle in question has the registration number  B 1 LPI  clearly visible on its license plate. The LPI stands for Islamic Defence Laskers (Warriors)


  • fpi_noble life martyr deatht

Noble Life or Martyr’s Death…or hide in a mosque if we’re outnumbered


  • Warriors? The FPI goons are currently famed for scurrying to shelter in a Sukorejo mosque when the angry townspeople stood up to them, waiting for nightfall and a police escort before cravenly crawling off home to mumsy.

But what does the B stand for.

I can think of a few possibilities, and I’m sure you can too!