Terror Godfather’s Gang Rages – Will Miss World Show Go On?

It’s a fine sunny morning out there – it usually is, but having been raised in very different climes, I still feel obliged to note the gorgeous weather we usually enjoy here.

But will we get to enjoy the forthcoming event involving gorgeous gals?

There must be serious doubts on whether this week’s Miss World contest in Indonesia can be held safely.


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  • The worst elements in the archipelago – MUI, FPI, HTI and of course ArchBigot Suryadharma Ali – have been lining up to demand its cancellation.
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  • And given the craven response in the Lady Gaga controversy – it was cancelled amid uproar from Islamist bigots – we must wait and see if there’s to be an action replay of the authorities’ surrender to sectarian fanatics.
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The latest rabid gang to join the chorus of disapproval is Jama’ah Ansharut Tauhid (JAT) 

Interestingly, even the Jakarta Post has adopted our RRA translation of the idiotic term aurat in its report, JAT having asserted that the show was no more than a parade of women’s genitalia and, as such, was strictly prohibited by Islamic teachings. http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2013/08/31/jat-condemns-miss-world-pageant-bali.html

As always, I remind you that aurat may include genitalia but also refers to innocuous and agreeable parts like knees, shoulders, thighs and mid-riffs.


These charmers were not in Riaum but they make a cute illustraion, yeah?

Genitalia galore, if you happen to be an Islamist ignoramus!


And I’ve yet to hear any Islamists banging on about men’s knees etc., which proves beyond all reasonable doubt that they are what lefty libbers like to call ‘male chauvinist pigs,’ sexists par excellence. Or as I’d say, pig-ignorant primitives, halal variety, of course!


Given the way Islamists constantly harass women who incur their ignoramus anger, it’s almost laughable to read that JAT claim the event is merely a business based on lust. It will do nothing but harass women….

So says some shariah freak named Son Hadi, faithfully reflecting the intolerance of JAT’s founding godfather, Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, a savage old monster currently doing hard time for terrorist offences.




Although Ba’syir’s record of endorsing hate crimes was well-known for years before he came to trial, he was nevertheless accepted in the highest ‘respectable’ Islamist circles here, as our regular picture shows, MUI Chair Cholil with the bearded beast.


Unfortunately, too many people in high places here put sectarian nonsense above their civic duty. 

During the Gaga row, we actually had a top cop, speaking in his official capacity to the media, blurt out that ‘We are Muslim,’ thus implicitly excluding every minority citizen from the scope of his duty to protect and serve.  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/05/15/breaking-news-jakarta-cops-quail-before-islamist-uproar-gaga-refund-announcement-imminent/


So with mere days to go, will Indonesia see it through and see off the rabid ratbags?


Thinking about it, one wonders why the organisers ever proposed holding part of the show in West Java.

Bali is fine, inhabited by people largely uninfected with Dark Age evil.

But West Java, from the Governor down to many local leaders, is notorious for its backward bigotry.

Frankly, they don’t deserve a place in the spotlight.

And the risk of disorder from jihadist jerks is infinitely greater there than in Bali, where human values rule.