Jakarta Jihadis V Anti-Terror Cops – A ‘VEILED’ Threat?



“If Densus 88 are not disbanded, then don’t blame the Islamic community for thinking of them as a common enemy. Don’t blame the Islamic community if in the future, weapons are raised against Densus. We call for the immediate decision to disband Densus 88.”
That’s Habib Rizieq speaking, just a week ago. .
habib-fpi-rizieq Habib Rizieq, Of the FPI (‘Defenders of Islam’)


Anyone who reads the news here must be aware of the IslamoNazi FPI’s proclivity for violence and their sympathy for terrorist scum like Osama Bin Laden.


  • FPI_osama FPI Take on Mass-Murder
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  • And anyone aware of the ambivalence (to say the least) of even ‘respectable’ Islamists towards lawless action against those who get in the way of their intolerant agenda should be familiar with the ‘veiled threat’ tactic.
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  • MUI-IndonesiaCouncil of Indonesian ‘Scholars’
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  • Remember MUI’s  Amidhan, who admirably disowned violent Ramadan ‘sweeping’ against shops that stocked beer, then immediately added a warning to anyone inclined to carry on business as usual during his (not everyone else’s) ‘holy month’ – ‘don’t complain if you’re attacked!’
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  • Amidhan-MUI-2011 MUI’s Amidhan
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  • So of course we had a series of sectarian outrages during that ‘time of self-denial and reflection,’ perpetrated by the storm-troop cowards of the FPI.
  • Here’s a video of one of many such. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPwpUNNcCos, ,vile IslamoNazi thugs descending mob-handed on a little store in Makassar.
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  • cholil-ridwan Cholil with Ba’asyir the Terrorist
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  • With Fuhrer Rizieq now being touted by Amidhan’s MUI colleague, Cholil Ridwan, no less, to become Indonesia’s Head of State…
  • https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/08/24/indonesian-presidency-bigot-birds-of-a-feather-spread-wings/,…everyone concerned with the success of the war on terrorism should pay close attention to his threats.