Miss World – Normal Indonesian Women V Braying Bigots

In case any readers thought those dour Hizbut Tahrir drabs pictured in our previous report on the Miss World controversy were, in any shape or form, representative of Indonesian womanhood, I’m delighted to record the views of the National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan) which supports the implementation of Miss World 2013 in Bali, Indonesia.

Andi-Yentriyani Andy

Being beautiful is not a sin. They are physically beautiful, innocent in their beauty. An event like Miss World is one space for women to speak out. That voice is important for countries such as Indonesia,” says Commissioner, National Commission for Women, Andy Yentriyan.
Andy also explained that the Miss World event is one forum for women who want to display their articulacy. Through the event, the women who come from different countries can speak out to fight for social change in society.

Miss inod13 Finalists for Miss Indonesia 2013


The National Commission for Women will strictly guard this beauty event. There should be no groups that use violence to impose their will in the name of morality and stop this event for granted,said Andy http://www.tempo.co/read/news/2013/09/06/110510843/Komnas-Perempuan-Dukung-Ajang-Miss-World-2013


Good for you, Andy, and look at those contestants in the photo.


Who in their right mind would say these girls are anything but a source of Indonesian pride and a joy to anyone with even a tincture of humanity in their souls?

But then it’s a stretch to say Islamists are in their right minds!