Miss World – Brave Balinese, Ready to Nab IslamoNazis!


Monument to foreign and Balinese victims of Islamist terrorism


Now here’s some good news I have to admit I’ve been expecting – Balinese angry at Islamist arrogance are shaping up to tackle FPI hoodlum threats to Miss World.

Laskar Bali (Bali Warriors) say they’re ready to secure the Miss World show at the end of this month.


ketut rochineng

Ketut Rochineng

Secretary General of Laskar Bali, Ketut Rochineng, said on Friday –
We should not be provoked, but also should not be complacent, we should remain vigilant…we will monitor the arrival points in Bali, our members comprise tens of thousands of people spread all over Bali….
we have an obligation to take care of Bali…it’s about our self-esteem in international eyes,” he said.  http :/ / nasional.inilah.com/read/detail/2026752/ormas-laskar-bali-siap-hadapi-fpi #. UisxNH9Pho

Many tourists in Bali only see the smiling faces, but if you know the island’s history, you’ll be aware of their heroic courage, royal families leading their peoples, armed only with traditional swords, against deadly Dutch gunnery.

Brave people, certainly not intimidated by white-shirt islamoNazi curs.

Hindus, they’ll not have been best pleased by priggish pukes like the MUI ‘scholars’ telling the world that Indonesian culture is synonymous with uptight Islamist sexism.

If the FPI thugs have any sense at all, they’ll be be down at their Jakarta travel agent asking for ticket refunds.


What a refeshing contrast to the weasel words of West Java’s Deputy Governor.Mizwar Deddy, who has repudiated his own boss’s agreement to hold part of the Miss World show in their province (West Java Governor Achmad Heryawan is excited about hosting the Miss World global pageant http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2013/04/19/editorial-the-trouble-with-beauty.html. ) because ‘the pros and cons make the situation less conducive, so better to avoid it, if you ask me.

Deddy Mizwar
West Java Vice-Governor Deddy Mizwar

I have to say, albeit reluctantly, that I agree with him.

If the decent folk in that vicinity were up for it, ready to resist Islamonazi intimidation, then they’d urge the West Java Police, who are numerous, to confront any FPI thugs who show up at the Sentul Centre when the girls arrive, to get stuck into the white-shirt louts, to use police fire-power to quell any riotous mayhem.


ahmad-heryawan Governor Ahmad Heryawan


But West Java is more than just a cauldron of hateful bigotry, Deddy’s boss, Governor Heryawan, notorious for his own decree that outlawed religious freedom there for the Ahmadiyah minority.

While there are obviously some decent people there, and a lot of nasty IslamoNazis too, there must be a lot more mealy-mouthed muppets, who cringe when asked to talk straight on issues of principle.
For Example-it would be counterproductive to discuss this. Better, yes, we forget it,” said DeddyAccording to him, if pros and cons lead to divisions and create a bad image for Indonesia, Miss World 2013 isn’t for West Java.
In other words, if the scum aim to cause aggro, walk away and leave the field to them. They win, freedom loses, no problem.
“After all, there are other places in Indonesia…Bali, or anywhere like that,” he said.
True – Bali is undoubtedly the least Islamist province in the country, therefore uncivilised antics will not go down well there.
A full-scale boycott of West Java would not be workable, given its close proximity to Jakarta, but by all means deprive the cess-pool of anything that offers it international distinction.
Last word from Deddy.
But apart from that, he said he still appreciated the organisation of Miss World 2013. The point is that it not be held in West Java if we do not want problems. But I still appreciate. Miss World…” he said.

Dear God, how many more bets can one hedge!??!