Barley and Hops – Jakarta

I usually only view the Epicentrum, back of Jalan Rasuna Said, near Plaza Festival, from a distance, zooming up to Pasar Rumput for the dangdut.

But with an invitation in hand, I dropped by there the other day, to inspect the Barley and Hops bar.

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  • Verdict – very good!
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The staff are very friendly, prices of bar snacks reasonable, and the quality of cold beer left nothing to complain about.

Must say, though, that the star attraction is the boss!

She is an absolute stunner, but beauty alone would not be enough to earn my accolade.

Despite being highly industrious, hastening to and fro to make sure all was as it should be, she’s one of those who  can recognise distress signals fast – I was sat at one of the tables, and when I lifted up my eyes in search of a re-fill, within seconds she had spotted my need and beer was on the way before you could say…’barley and hops!’


Alas, she was so busy that I never got a chance to ask her name, but I imagine she must be the wife of whoever owns the place.

Lucky man!

  • SAM_8653 Sorry, photo taken after a few beers!
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  • Anyway, I picked up a leaflet, bearing the good news that they have a new outlet at Pondok Indah Mall, so as a small gesture of appreciation, I include that.
  • PIM is a lot easier for me to get to than Rasuna Said.

Maybe next weekend!

But will their gaffer be as lovely as the Epicentrum Empress?