Beautiful Women, Guilty Men – Appeasing IslamoNazis!

Lazy Sunday.
I meant to go out this morning, but the drinking water ran out so had to ring the man who delivers and, most unusually, he must also have been enjoying an idle day, for ’twas near noon before I got hold of him and had stocks replenished.
Just been watching tv, with Miss World underway in Bali, and nowhere else, after the shameful decision by the Government to cower before shrilling bigots who threatened violence…like the FPI…
They expressed readiness to dissolve the Miss World show if still held. “Whoever’s got a machete, sharpen that machete, whoever has a sickle, ready it, to dissolve Miss World!”,
Did the Government order the arrest of those Islamonazi scum? No, instead they ordered the cancellation of that portion of the event due to be held down the road from Jakarta, in the quagmire of West Java.
And I saw that by tea-time today, finally the Jakarta Globe had deigned to add the bad news to its online edition – guess they too were taking seriously the Lord’s ruling on Sunday being a day of rest!
Z Z Z Z Z Z Z..
However, their report does tell us a little more about what went down yesterday, acknowledging the way Indonesia under current management is sliding into subservience to sharia freaks.
The announcement is the latest sign in the world’s biggest Muslim-majority nation of fringe Muslim groups’ growing influence on authorities and their power to stymie events they deem un-Islamic….On Friday, radicals burned the organizers in effigy and branded them “infidels.”
These scum make one proud to be an infidel. Better to be burned in effigy on earth than burn, as most of them surely will, in Hell! But while of course Islamists are very bad people, what adjective is suitable for those who are not conspicuously islamist themselves but kow-tow to the evil elements in society.

agung-laksono Agung Laksono


Minister for People’s Welfare, Agung Laksono said the government had “listened to what the people wanted.”
A few hundred white-shirt hooligans, capering like rabid goats on the streets of various cities around Java, doth not the people make!
Look at the buffoons we’ve seen on those demos, some of them clearly retards – students in Java’s Surabaya city held banners reading: “We are ready to die for the Miss World contest to be scrapped.”
And the ‘arguments’ adduced by the frantic fanatics against Miss World?

… it exploited women and was an export of Western hedonism.

This drivel from the very same sectarian loons who cleave to shariah, the most sexist, discriminatory ideology yet devised, a code of dogmatic rules steeped in the belief that women are second-class human beings, which gives men the right legally to enjoy the bodies of four women, whilst women…?

Ya gotta be kidding!




However, this reprehensible decision should focus minds on where Indonesia is and where it’s headed.


If, and it’s a huge IF, Laksono and his colleagues are correct in saying they’re bowing to what ‘the people’ want, then the JG observation, often included in news here, about Indonesian Muslims, that the vast majority practice a moderate form of Islam, is utterly wrong.

No moderate person, even if he or she doesn’t care for beauty contests, seriously wants them suppressed, as long as the participants have freely chosen to take part.


And no moderate Muslim really believes that those pleasant, attractive girls we saw on tv this afternoon are whores intent on debauchery, over here to display their ‘private parts,’ as the imbecilic protestors have been howling.


So either that regime cabal that huddled with Laksono to produce the cancellation are right, and most Muslims here are demented and hateful…which in my experience is an absurd proposition….or else the Government, for whatever reason, is pandering to violent Islamist extremists with this Sentul cancellation.

If THAT’s the case, WHY?



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