Bei Mir Bist Du Komisch! Unprejudiced Satire?

  •                                                             Martin Sonneborn (on the left – how left?)
  • =====================================================An amusing report from Berlin, about Die Partei (The Party) which, we’re told, is no ordinary political faction. Their events mostly poke fun at the other parties and at right-wing prejudice in German society ……………………………………………………                                  Well, now, that kinda put me off right away, because while both right and left are done no harm by satirical comment, I find it offensive that anyone should suggest there’s only ‘rightwing prejudice’ in Germany or, to be fair, in other countries.
  • Actually  of course, if we use the word ’prejudice’ in its proper meaning, the most prejudiced people seem to lurk in the primeval shrubbery of the left!        In Germany, as in the UK, critics aka rightwingers do not ‘prejudge’ the Roma – they knew from those specimens’ home countries that they were unpopular there too, due to anti-social  activity and their conduct in Western Europe gives good grounds for a perception that they are a bad bet as immigrants  – nothing to do with prejudice!
  • =’asylum?’==asylum arsonists
  •  Same goes for the amazing way prejudiced lefties blind themselves to reality on so-called ’asylum’ seekers, who are for the most part economic migrants, with little or no interest in adapting to civilised countries. They often bring unwholesome mind-sets, arranged (forced) marriages, profoundly backward sexism, e.g. shariah law, and why pretend they are seeking a safer environment when they almost instantly demonstrate a penchant for anti-social, even downright riotous, misconduct?    Yet the left’s prejudice can’t acknowledge that truth – ‘oh, poor refugees!’      But wait…maybe this Party has some useful insights!========
  • =David-Cameron-clown    Asked if his party is for or against the euro, Sonneborn said: “This doesn’t matter at all to us. We want to get to power by populist means and then we’ll have a vote. If the Germans want the euro, we’ll keep it, if they want to go back to the Deutsche Mark, we’ll do that.
  • He added that Die Partei will only endorse referendum results which it likes and will put in place a “steered democracy,” because bottom-up democracy is an “absurd invention…”   ….Heavens to Murgatroyd, that’s hardly satire, that’s exactly what Cast-Iron Cameron did with his consultation on so-called ‘gay’ marriage – as has the SNP in Scotland.
    I think these guys are sending up the EUSSR’s innate hostillity to democracy. And here’s an intriguing plan!
    “We plan a visit to Benin. Their official religion is voodoo. So we thought, if we don’t win these elections, Angela Merkel will be toppled only in a very unusual way. We will talk to the Benin President about his religion and the possibility of making people disappear or making them suffer,” Sonneborn said.
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