Death-Threat Islamist Thug – 18 Cent Fine, Probation


Pastor Palti


Bekasi, a West Java cauldron of Islamist bigotry, has displayed its unique concept of justice by convicting a moronic jihadist fanatic, Abdul Aziz bin Naimun, who threatened to murder a Christian pastor.



According to witnesses, Abdul told the pastor, “Palti, I’m going to cut your throat,” while swiping his finger across his neck as hard-liners hurled rotten eggs and cow feces at churchgoers during a tense Easter protest outside the shuttered church.

Since Abdul defended his criminal behaviour by saying he didn’t know that his death-threat was against the law, readers may decide he is stupid as well as evil, but…




Judge Wasdi Permana told the scumbag to pay a Rp 2,000 ($0.18). “The defendant will not be detained,” Wasdi said. “Under the terms of the six month probation period, he should be careful not to be involved in any criminal activity.”


I’m sure he will be very careful, with a sentence like that to put the fear of God Almighty in him!


This outrageous verdict does not only reflect on the court, but on the cops. They could have – surely should have – brought charges of incitement to murder and obstructing a religious service, but chose only to  use the trivial ‘unpleasant conduct’ law.

A conviction under the serious offences would have meant several years in prison.

Palti’s lawyer at least understands -“These legal enforcers failed to see the case from the perspective of the victim,” Judianto said. “This is a serious threat to religious freedom, not only a conflict between two individuals.”


bonar%20tigor%20naipospos Bonar


As does Bonar Tigor Naipospos, deputy director of the Setara Institute for Democracy and Peace, “His motive is discrimination and intolerance, in the end, he will be praised as a hero by the intolerant group he belongs to and will feel justified carrying on with his religious discrimination and intolerance.”


ratusan-jemaat-hkbp-dan-gki-yasmin-ibadah-di-depan-istana-001-mudasir Palti’s HKBP Church and GKI Yasmin, both illegally sealed, worship outside the Palace in protest.


I saw Pastor Palti when I went along to the persecuted Christians’ protest service outside the Presidential Palace last month. He’s a short, pleasant-looking man. Like all those there, he showed no trace of bitterness at the constant oppression they suffer.


========None for them.

And Abdul?

I”d say a few shariah floggings and a spot of stoning….