Indiana Jones and the Forest of Whines

I have always enjoyed Harrison Ford’s movies, from his Indiana Jones spectaculars through that great one where he killed various Sinn Fein scumbags…

Patriot Games


… even that cop film where he wandered about the crime scene alone then broke into a Motown dance, something I’ve been known to do while frying up nasi goreng!

But his views on the climate panic seem to be at variance with mine. No matter.

I know lots of stars hold dubious opinions, but with the exception of outright traitors, eg Hanoi Jane, that doesn’t stop me going to see them.

Regardless of any global warming delusions, I reckon Ford probably did NOT do much wrong in the latest furore. viz. Indonesia’s forestry minister has accused Hollywood legend Harrison Ford of subjecting him to a rude interview on climate change that left him “shocked,” an official said Tuesday.


Oh Heavens. It’s said that he attacked the minister with questions…


That’s what an interview means, surely? But one of President SBY’s advisers accused Ford and his crew of “harassing state institutions.”


How can questions in an interview be harassment?

The problem is that so many politicians here are self-important asses.  They think reporters, or anyone addressing them, should be deferential and sycophantic. That, however, has never been Ford’s style, in films or not.

However, his style got him threatened with deportation, a threat which can only bring the Jakarta establishment into further disrepute,


menterihutan Zulkifi the Unready


Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan whined vigorously. “I was only given the opportunity to say one or two sentences during the interview,” and SBY’s arrogant spokesman, Andi Arief, topped up the ministerial whining by saying the minister thought there would have been some time to discuss the interview before it began.

WHY? If the Minister knows what he’s talkng about, he should have been well-ready to handle Ford’s questions. But he was, on the contrary,  “shocked that as soon as his [Ford’s] crew came in, they started filming and interviewing him… and attacking him with questions.”

And listen to the aggrieved elitist Andi Arief!


andi-arief Arrogant Arief


“There’s no privilege for him although he is a great a actor,” he said. “His crew and those who were helping him in Indonesia must be questioned to find out their motives for harassing a state institution.”

Hogwash! There’s no privilege either for someone who’s an obscure little forestry minister, or even lower down the food chain, an unelected PR pipsqueak!

Okay, the Minister proved incapable of holding his own in a serious discussion.  It happens. But there’s a price to pay if you diss the pompous in Jakarta, according to Arief! 

“If necessary, we will deport him,” he added.

But Ford has already left.

No doubt thankfully, if that’s the pitiful version of Indonesian hospitality he experienced. He should have given me a ring – I’d have taken him out to talk to real people. Most Indonesians are nice, unlike that dork Arief.