‘Cool’ or ‘Full-Throated?’ -What’s Marty’s REAL Position?


Julie Bishop, soon to be Foreign Minister in Tony Abbott’s new government, has said Australia respected Indonesia’s sovereignty but it would forge ahead with sensitive plans to combat people-smuggling that were met with a cool response in the Southeast Asian nation during the election campaign. http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/news/new-australian-fm-firm-on-indonesia-refugee-plans/

Bishop and Abbott have a clear mandate to stop the parasitic flood, but we all know that. What we don’t know is where Marty Natalegawa, Indonesia’s Foreign Minister, truly stands.




A few days ago, he was reported as launching a ‘full-throated attack’ on the Aussie plan to stem the ‘asylum’ tide https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/09/14/marty-to-deny-java-poor-a-helping-aussie-hand/  but now the JG says Jakarta is merely ‘cool.

Hardly synonymous descriptions, for sure.

One hopes calmer consideration will prevail. The rich elite in Indonesian politics have been vociferous in seeking to spurn generous rewards for help, but then the cash involved wouldn’t be going into their pockets, but to humble villagers who need it.

If they, Marty and Co., want to practice serious partnership, they should be delighted to work together with an Australian Gvernment which, unlike its predecessor, genuinely wants to protect Oz.

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  • Rudd’s U-turning was rightly seen by Aussie voters as cynical and hypocritical – he and his Labor Party long denounced any sensible proposals to thwart the bludger boats.




Labor, like the Greens, pandered to the basest instincts of disloyalty among the multicultists, limousine lefty barristers and affluent agitprop activists, until the sheer outrage of the people of Australia grew too powerful to ignore. 

Marty, whatever else he may be, is no fool, and ought to appreciate that finally Australians have a government in tune with the democratic traditions of the Lucky Country, that puts Australians first.


fpi kill busddhist


Most thoughtful Indonesians expect the same from theirs.

Meanwhile, if those less thoughtful, the FPI and other islamist elements, sincerely believe in the sympathies they publicly express for the Rohingya unhappy in Myanmar, perhaps they can demand that Jakarta sign up to that UN Convention which has caused so much of the trouble, and provide a permanent home for a few thousand undesirables.

I’m sure ever-generous Australia would  appreciate such a gesture of partnership!