Islamist to Sexy Model: ‘Don’t Thank Me, Thank Allah!”


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  • Ahmad Fathanah, by now almost the stuff of legend, that testimony of him whizzing in and out of hotel live music bars to other hotel bed-rooms, those delicious reports of how he and a cute student were caught ‘naked’ in Le Meridien…in fairness, she denies that!





….all very enviable, but just a tad surprising, maybe, given his senior role in the PKS, an Islamist party oft-compared to the  Muslim Brotherhood!

Some of us might contemplate ringing him up to seek the secret of his success with so many gorgeous gals…some FORTY FIVE in total, so the papers say…  …but it’s no big secret!


The Jakarta Post has a grand, brand-new report of testimony at the  Anti-Corruption Court, from, among others, this magnificent specimen of Indonesian womanhood.


vitalia yummy Sexy Vitalia, one of Ahmed’s alleged beneficiaries – this beautiful model is in no way corrupt or dishonest, but her every visual inch is surely an affront to uptight Islamists


Vitalia describes how he showered her with gifts, and when she expressed mild curiosity at this, Fathanah responded with a piety we should all acclaim….he answered that Allah had given me all the things and money through him…

Truly mysterious are His ways.


Mind you, again in fairness, one mustn’t deduce that all PKS luminaries share Ahmad’s enthusiasm for worldly wonders.

Their current leader, Anis Matta, has written odes to his personal pin-up and here’s a not very sexy picture of Anis’s object of adoration.