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Dear Friend,
We are all familiar with politicians promising to give us an EU Referendum, but regardless of their promises, nothing has ever happened – until now. James Wharton’s EU Referendum Bill is the only way to guarantee us the vote we deserve, but we need your support to push it through Parliament.  
At I Support a Referendum we have been doing everything we can to support James’ Bill and thank you to the more than 18,000 of you who contacted your MP, making the campaign the talk of Westminster.Last Wednesday the EU Referendum Bill cleared another hurdle by leaving the Committee Stage unamended.
The next hurdle for the Bill is the Report Stage on the floor of the House of Commons. There is now a real chance that it could become law, but we face a difficult stage in the process where Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs are trying to frustrate its passage through Parliament, which is why our campaign is needed to ensure we have the EU Referendum that Britain so desperately needs.
This is why I am writing to you today to ask you to support our Fighting Fund, to give us the resources we need to ensure that James Wharton’s Bill becomes law.
Donate £20 to the EU Referendum Fighting Fund
Why ‘I Support a Referendum’ is crucial to
the EU Referendum Bill succeeding

When James Wharton’s EU Referendum Bill was announced, we launched I Support a Referendum to act as an umbrella for the various groups pushing for an EU Referendum. This united the Business for Britain campaign, the key people behind The People’s Pledge during its two year campaign for an EU Referendum, and Labour for a Referendum under one banner to pressure MPs from all parties to back James’ Bill.

Who is opposing the EU Referendum Bill?
Now there is a real chance of James’ Bill getting through Parliament, the pro-EU side are now doing everything they can to block the Bill. They are scared of an EU Referendum and want to try and derail James’ Bill. Their call to arms warned of the perils of allowing the British public a say on the EU and the “dangerous uncertainty” that the promise of an EU Referendum posed. These are the same people who fought to drag Britain into the single currency a decade ago. They were wrong then and they are wrong now!Under the I Support a Referendum banner, we have a real chance of pushing forward our agenda as a united team, helping James get his Bill through Parliament and getting the Referendum we all want. It is vital that MPs from all parties back the Bill and these next few months are crucial in pushing for this historic vote. 
Donate £20 to the EU Referendum Fighting Fund
What James Wharton MP said about our campaign –

I am delighted to say that the Private Members’ Bill I introduced to legislate for an EU Referendum before the end of 2017 passed its first hurdle, getting voted through the Commons by an impressive 304 votes to zero. The I Support a Referendum campaign played a significant part, with several of my colleagues reporting that they had received large numbers of emails encouraging them to vote in favor of the Bill.           

                                                         – James Wharton MP, Stockton South
How we will use money donated to the
Fighting Fund to support the EU Referendum Bill
The money donated to the Fighting Fund will be exclusively focused on campaign activities to get the EU Referendum Bill through to the Third Reading in the House of Commons in November, before it is sent to the House of Lords. Over the next few months the campaign will pile on the pressure at Westminster but to do that we need your support.
To ensure James’ Bill passes its Third Reading, we will:

  • Continue our successful I Support a Referendum email campaign, using Google and Facebook ads to target Labour and Lib Dem MPs. 
  • Leaflet every house in the 40 most marginal constituencies – both Labour and Lib Dem – in the UK.
  • Commission polling in selected seats to prove beyond doubt to these MPs that their constituents support an EU Referendum.
  • ​Target press releases at local newspapers and radio stations to encourage journalists to ask their local MP why they aren’t supporting an EU Referendum.
  • Organise media stunts in the 40 most marginal constituencies to persuade vulnerable MPs to support the Bill.
  • ​Organise comment pieces by respected supporters of an EU Referendum and keep a running tally of how each MP intends to vote to make sure the media cover the Bill by respected non-Parliamentary supporters of an EU Referendum, to persuade Labour and Lib Dem MPs to vote for the bill
Why we need your donations?

The EU is funding Pro-EU groups to the tune of over £2 billion a year of taxpayer’s money each year.(1) Some of this money is being channeled to the UK to groups opposing the EU Referendum Bill. This means that the I Support a Referendum campaign is starting out on the back foot, so we need your support to counter these forces.

I do hope you’ll support our Fighting Fund for the crucial EU Referendum battle this autumn.

If you are making a donation by card click the donate button below. If you are paying by cheque please make it payable to I Support a Referendum, 55 Tufton Street, London, SW1P 3QL

Donate £20 to the EU Referendum Fighting Fund

With best regards,

Christopher Bruni-Lowe
Campaign Director

PS. Whichever party you vote for and whether you are pro or anti EU these next few months are so important to our fight to let the people decide. The culmination of years of campaigning could come to a head in the next few months. We need your support!

(1) European Commission spending millions on pro-EU lobby groups;



And that link alone should provoke you into helping the cause of democracy.

  • eussr10
  • The sheer arrogance of the EUSSR, seizing UK tax-payers’ cash to abuse by spending it on pro-Brussels propaganda is reason enough for anyone with an iota of national pride to FIGHT that supranational regime and its lackeys within the UK. 

With all due respect to the individual Tory and Labour MPs mentioned above, who put their country first, the ONLY party trustworthy on this issue is UKIP.