Indonesia – Expats Warned: Beware Islamist Savages

On Tuesday the American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia released a statement by the US Embassy in Jakarta warning Americans in Bali during Miss World to “maintain a high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to enhance personal security…”




And since Islamist savages like the FPI, FUI etc.,  hate the very idea of any beautiful woman in a swimsuit, and obviously cannot tell the difference between Americans and Brits and Germans and Canadians and Australians…I guess that means if any of us, any gals, or guys enjoying their company, feel like taking a break in Bali, we must be on our guard.

  • abu-bakar-ba-asyir
  • But it’s hardly a novel menace – that stinking old terrorist ratbag Abu Bakr Ba’asyir (above, currently serving 15 years) urged Islamists five years ago to beat up foreign tourists who behave as one normally does on vacation. “Worms, snakes, maggots – those are animals that crawl. Take a look at Bali … those infidel tourists. They are naked.”


Since I retired, every day is a holiday, and I love Jakarta, so am not likely to visit the beaches of Kuta in the immediate future.

bali_bombers Bali Bomb Pigs

But it is a shame that, after what Islamists like Amrozi and his ilk did to Bali, with their satanic bombings, this spectre should still be allowed to haunt the Isle of the Gods. 


The FPI have openly threatened violence against innocent people.

“Whoever’s got a machete, sharpen that machete, whoever has a sickle, ready it, to dissolve Miss World!”


And not just us maggoty whiteys!

  • fpi kill busddhist
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Much was said a month or two ago about banning the FPI, but since then nothing, except a long and telling silence.



IslamoNazi Fuhrer Rizieq hand in hand with ‘Religion’ Minister Suryadharma Ali


We even had a Government Minister, the awful ‘Apostasy’ Ali, ‘Minister of Religious Affairs,’ aka ArchBigot of Jakarta, gracing the IslamoNazi anniversary event with his oleaginous presence.


No decent person would taint his or her reputation by mingling with these nasties. But Ali remains un-fired. 

On top of the Government surrender to the forces of darkness with the cancellation of that part of Miss World scheduled for Sentul, near Jakarta, shariah shadows are deepening over Indonesia.

At least more Indonesians are grasping this sad truth, and speaking out.

But will wider recognition of the menace, and thus possible redemption, come too late?