Obama, Putin – Saviours of Miss World?

obama-putin Galahads to the Rescue?


The extent of the government’s surrender to Islamist bigotry could have been even worse, and, amazingly. it seems we have Obama and Putin to thank for what little has been salvaged from regime sabotage.

According to Andreas Harsono, a leading freedom activist here, only these and other world leaders’ imminent arrival in Bali for the APEC summit next month have led Jakarta to order stern police action to prevent jihadist violence..


Andreas Harsono Andreas, of Human Rights Watch Indonesia


“Sources have told me that the government will never allow a violent protest, not because of Miss World but because of APEC, which is sad,” he said. “The fact that Bali is holding the competition now merely because it has a majority Hindu population is a concern.”

Precisely so. The Hindus of Bali are not just tolerant, but are ready to defend their rights and those of their visitors. They warned off the Islamist savages just last week. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/09/07/miss-world-brave-balinese-ready-to-nab-islamonazis/


Meanwhile, the situation has been publicly, and bravely, explained by the Miss World organisers.


liliana-tanoesoedibjo  Liliana Tanoesoedibjo, the event’s head organizer  –

“Maybe if the government was stronger something could be done, but it’s because the government is not strong…We all give the best for Indonesia, we have the passion for Indonesia, we love our country. We don’t want to degrade Indonesia…

Her husband, Harry, is boss of the MNC media conglomerate. He also has poltical ambitions. Let’s hope he uses both to galvanise oppostion to the Islamist Dark Age forces.

Back to Andreas again, for a last and perceptive word –  the only message the competition is currently sending to the world was that Indonesia was undergoing a “radicalization of Islam.” 

  • hizbut-tahrir-indonesia- v miss world_130905193827-713 Hizbut Tahrir, Hate on the March!


Speaking of the Sentul cancellation, he added that the organisers “have a permit, but because of the Islamist pressure the government has revoked the Miss World contest.” http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/news/miss-world-organizers-outraged-as-govt-submits-to-hard-liners/