Van Diemen’s Land – Now Tasmania – Next? ‘Q-Jumper Land?’

Notorious pinko barrister Julian Burnside QC wants to condemn Tasmania to be a place of detention for asylum seekers who arrive by boat

  • Van-Diemens-Land-location-map Q-Jumper Land?
  • Evidently unaware that the recent election was won by Tony Abbott because vast numbers of voters were outraged by the influx of Third World parasites, Burnside explained to his fellow-citizens that it’s just the politicans who are vexed by anti-social illegals.

“If politicians are obsessed with the idea that asylum seekers must be kept in detention then that could be legally satisfied by declaring the island of Tasmania a place of detention.

  • burnside Burnside
  • “Have officers of the Commonwealth at each port of departure and then allow the asylum seekers to live in the community in Tasmania. They would still legally be in detention.”

One hopes he’s just joking…

“The point of it, of course, is that it’s much less damaging to the people involved ….”

As if anybody should give a monkey’s about ‘damage’ sustained by crimmigrants who ooze uninvited into someone else’s country……




….how about the damage to tax-payers caused by lawless ‘asylum’ louts, like those whose wanton orgy of arson and vandalism took SIXTY MILLION dollars out of the public purse in one weekend?’


“…and it would be far less expensive even if every one of them received full Centrelink benefits, which they’d spend in the Tasmanian community.”

So if we hand unwelcome undesirables yummy welfare cheques, it’s really to our benefit, because they’ll spend their ill-gotten bludge-money in our neighbourhood stores?

Go figure. This man must really dislike his Tasmanian fellow-citizens. He certainly insults their intelligence.

Burnside rejects suggestions it would encourage, not deter boat arrivals. “The problem with a deterrent theory is that a deterrent only works if we make ourselves look nastier than the Taliban…”


I don’t think Tony Abbott has suggested stoning adulterers or banning girls from education. He is merely old-fashioned enough to be patriotic and seek to defend his country from the parasite tsunami.

I suppose barristers’ court-room antics make some of them addicted to hyperbole. 

But it actually sounds as if Burnside doesn’t WANT to deter them. But how many has he himself taken in, under his own opulent roof?