Brit Treats in Jakarta, as HRH Hits Town

Righto, Prince Andrew.

He’s here in Jakarta, saw him yesterday, though he didn’t stop and pick me up when he drove past along Rasuna Said. I had to get aboard my usual kopaja 66 instead.

But he opened the new UK Embassy, an ultra-modern edifice not far from where I saluted him Thursday lumchtime.


Brit embassy


I’ll miss the old building (above0 at Bunderan H.I. roundabout, but tempus fugit etc.

It was getting a tad worn, and probably too small for a growing staff. Interestingly, it’s near enough the 50th anniversary of a mob assault on this ‘Outpost of the Empire,’ which left a trail of arson and destruction.

I believe that was when a lone piper marched up and down within the compound, playing in defiance of the rabble.

Meanwhile a number of quite different performances are happening, special British events at Senayan City.




In brief there’s  :-

 “Music Day,” today,

“Knowledge & Education Day,” tomorrow,

And on Sunday (22nd) we have 

“Travel & Tourism Day!” 

  • senayan Senayan City
  • The Prince himself is said to be out and about at these events, so drop by if you’re free over the weekend. You might get a sighting of HRH!