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    Shariah Charlatans Renew War on Catholics

    I remember how Gus Dur, the late and oft-lamented President of Indonesia, impressed me by going out to Sang Timur, just across Jakarta city limits, to face the ignorant Islamist savages who’d been harassing Catholic school-kids.


    gus dur fasting The late Gus Dur


    Gus Dur was a leading Muslim scholar, not a so-called ‘scholar,’ like those sad clerics of the MUI, whose reading rarely strays from their own Dark Age dogma, but a man well-read in all theologies. He respected his fellow-citizens, as the quote confirms.

    Speaking of the Ramadan persecutions engaged in by Islamonazis, he said – ‘If we Muslims feel our fasting deserves respect, so we too should repsect those not fasting.’


    The pigs shouted him down, and, in the end, bigotry triumphed there at Sang Timur, as it does most of the time these days, under a President the very idea of whom standing up to pig-ignorant bigots is unimaginable.


    sby29 SBY


    The current head of State, insulted as a ‘loser’ and a ‘banci’ (transvestite hooker) by the Islamonazi FPI, actually addresses them as his ‘brothers!’



    Sekelompok orang berdemonstrasi menentang pembangunan gereja St Bernadet di Ciledug, Tangerang, Minggu, 22 September 2013.

    Pig-ignorant primitives in action against religious liberty, yesterday


    Sadly, that same Catholic congregation in Tangerang has once more been denied religious liberty by a pack of charlatans, with no proof they’re even residents of the area, who yesterday ‘shuttered’ the site on which the Christians were set to build their new St. Bernadette Church.

    Although every legal requirement has been fulfilled, this blatant violation of law has seen no arrests, and the malignant mob appear to be getting away with it.

    The police here are armed and could quell these scum in a matter of minutes, but then pigs could fly, too.

    The jihadists ‘justification’ for their lawless intolerance is simply hate, though it’s interesting to note that they quote the Koran in their defence. look at butir butir number 3, in their leaflet, below!


    Picture 28


    Hundreds of people, wearing white shirts and thawbs (traditional Arab religious garments), rallied in front of the land where the Catholic community, which has 11,000 members, had long hoped to build a church. Congregants currently meet at six different locations and have no permanent place of worship. http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/news/tangerang-church-site-shuttered-by-protesters/

    Dressed up like Arabs? Why? This is Indonesia! But then… 

    “I believe the majority of the protestors… are not local residents,” said one church leader.

    And most local residents are Catholic! So who are these purported outraged locals?




    For answer, turn to that determined champion of everyone’s right to worship, Bonar Tigor Naipospos, deputy director of the Setara Institute for Democracy and Peace, who asserts that those promoting intolerance were a mobile, opportunist group that had traveled to the site and were not drawn from the local community.

    bonar%20tigor%20naipospos Bonar

    “They always use the issue of ‘Christinization’ to influence residents with the argument that if there’s a church nearby, it will later convert people because of the church’s social activities.”



    As I’ve said before, they fear the prospect of losing their submissive flock – their own bona fides as Muslims must be pretty shaky if that’s the case, no confidence to debate the merits of their creed with Catholics, or Protestants, or Ahmadis.

    Are they so stricken with fear that they’ll be shown up as mere shariah charlatans who thrive on malice and mayhem?

    Honourable Muslims, the heirs of Gus Dur, and likely most of those who live near the site, want no part of this, seeing clearly that such evil-doers only bring Islam into disrepute.

    Bonar knows them for what they are.

    “This group moves from one place to another, actively seeking information on churches in the process of trying to get a permit or those that don’t have a permit. They usually rally in the name of the residents, even if only one or two residents is involved….the central government often washes its hands by saying that local governments should be the ones to find solutions.”

    So will the Police move in, sort the dirty bigot swine out, and let the church’s construction go ahead?

    Don’t hold your breath.

    In Bogor, the Yasmin Protestant Congregation has had a Supreme Court decree on its side for years. In Bekasi the HKBP Protestants are similary endowed with high court authority.

    But the Police refuse to enforce these rulings, and President SBY has yet to order his National Poice Chief to do the job he’s paid to.

    All very sad.



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