Jakarta Prof – Send More Bludgers to Oz!

A disgusting, disgraceful and destructive outburst from one self-important ‘intellectual’ should not be allowed to drive a wedge between Jakarta and Canberra.

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  • Speaking as somebody who cares deeply about both countries, It’s quite hard for me to believe any thinking adult, never mind an educated man in a position of responsibility, would make the sort of shameful statement we read in the media today from Professor Hikmahanto Juwana, who wants Indonesia to aid and abet the illegal intrusion into Australian waters of queue-jumping undesirables.
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  • Seriously.

According to The Australian, this ivory-tower shrill thinks Indonesian authorities should not hold asylum-seekers in detention and, when found at sea, should assist them to get to Australia.

“Let the Australian authorities solve it…. If we can facilitate them going to Australia, there won’t be any more problems (for Indonesia).”

This kind of selfish, ultra-nationalist mentality should have disappeared into the dustbin of history, along with Sukarno’s rants about Inggris Kita Linggis!! Amerika Kita Setrika!! Hammer Britain, Crush America!’ 

Hikmahanto’s hogwash shows utter indifference to the well-being, and, in this case, just as important, the wishes, of the great majority of ordinary Australian people, who are sick fed up with the crimmigrant tsunami which is costing hard-pressed tax-payers million – sorry, billions – of dollars,


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asylum ingrates cost Aussie $60M in one weekend’s mayhem


  • And he also shows scant gratitude for the millions – sorry, billions – in aid received from Australia, both government-to-government, and, as in the other tsunami, in Aceh, from the volunteer efforts of common folk.

He is an archetypal ingrate, whose noisy rhetoric can only sow discord, so all the more disturbing to learn that his advice on legal issues is frequently commissioned by the administration, ministries and the national parliament.

And listen to some more of his self-righteous cater-wauling!

Professor Hikmahanto has also called on the government to tell the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Organisation for Migration to cease activities in Indonesia. He said the presence of more than 10,000 registered asylum-seekers and refugees had become burdensome for Indonesia…

What a damnable whited sepulchre this creature is.

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  • A mere 10,000 parasites is burdensome for Indonesia, so he wants to facilitate the incursion of scores of thousands of the bludgers into Australia?

Yes,  the presence of even a handful of queue-jumping leeches in your country is burdensome, and offensive, no matter to which country you pledge your allegiance, and Indonesia has many citizens living in poverty, their daily income either non-existent or at best a tiny fraction of any pompous professor’s.

But the answer is not to kick your neighbour in the teeth by transferring the plague to his country.




Get rid of them. They’re not refugees, most of them, just eager snouts grubbing for the richest trough.




Work together to send them back to whence they came.


Don’t think for a minute that all or even most Indonesians share this man’s attitude/

The same report we’ve linked to tail-ends its info with a reminder of news that shows a considerable amount of realism within the Indonesian Government, the  Immigration Department proposal, revealed by The Weekend Australian, to hold the whole asylum-seeker population in a remote settlement on Sumba Island. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/policy/dont-stop-the-boats-jakarta-told/story-fn9hm1gu-1226725551863

There’s a lot of sense here – one must hope it triumphs over the shrilling of the likes of Hikmahanto.